Allentown Football Advances in Playoffs After Win Over Robbinsville

November 6, 2019, ALLENTOWN, NJ –A NJSIAA “Play in game” between Allentown and Robbinsville football teams to resolve a seeding issue with the playoff bracket was held tonight. Allentown had enough power points for the spot, while Robbinsville football was 9-0 in the season and a rule stated they were eligible for a playoff spot. After a NJSIAA decision a “play in game” was scheduled Wednesday night to resolve the conflict by expanding that part of the bracket.

Both Robbinsville and Allentown football teams evenly matched played their hearts out. Robbinsville scored first early in the first quarter and then Allentown was able to eventually work their way towards the win.

Allentown will advance in the bracket with a game against Wall Township High School at 1 p.m. on Sunday. The game was supposed to be held Friday night and NJSIAA wanted Monday night but with conflicts the game will be on Sunday.

Robbinsville Football finished their season 9-1 with loss against Allentown for the playoff spot.

Good luck Allentown with the playoff game Sunday at Wall.