Winter Storm Ezekiel Dumps 27 Inches Of Snow on Hunter

By: Dennis Symons, Jr.

HUNTER, NY–You have to wake up early on a Sunday morning to beat a snowstorm and holiday traffic one of the most busiest travel days of the year. Leaving the area at 6 am, I arrived at Hunter, NY around 9 am the snow had not begun to fall yet. Winter storm warnings were forecasting two feet or more for the region so it was worth leaving early to beat chaos on the roadways.

Sunday was spent riding Hunter Mountain Resort, as the storm approached snow began covering the trails and high winds were felt at the summit. This was a multiple day event so rooms were booked at the Holiday Inn Express back at the Thruway Exit. The ride back to the hotel was a little sketchy since the storm started to really produce some nice snow on Sunday evening and though the night.

Monday was used to explore Catamount Resort on the New York, Massachusetts Border in the Berkshire Mountains. The radar was looking good over there so it was worth the new adventure to visit a mountain on a multi resort pass called the Indy Pass. (See story on Catamount Resort Visit)

Snows remained light most of Monday but snow started to pile up again Monday night so the alarm was set for an early wake up for Tuesday morning, knowing Tuesday would be a powder day.

Upon arrival on Tuesday morning at the Hunter Mountain parking lot staff were using the mountain’s groomers to plow and open the parking lots. Making my way to the lift the line was long at the ticket window so it is one of the days it pays to have a season pass and walk right by the ticket line.

The first run down that morning was on Racers Edge a double black, Hunter has not even begun to make snow on that trail yet this year. I was able to find some spots of fresh snow but many of the runs were tracked out pretty quickly on this powder day.

With all the recent snow the time is now to get out there just in case the weather happens to take a turn for the worst. The weekend ahead looks like a great skiing and snowboarding weekend. Monday and Tuesday next week there is a chance of rain but snow makers will be able to lay down another coat of snow on Tuesday night according to the forecast Get out there and put in a day or two before the rain comes.