Robbinsville Township Council Visits RTPD Gun Training Range

December 5, 2019

By: Dennis Symons, Jr.

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)—The Robbinsville Township Council payed a visit to the Robbinsville Township Police Department’s new police training facility, shooting range. The modular, pre-fabricated indoor range manufactured by Shooting Range Industries, LLC features 4 lanes and a video training system so police can practice different scenarios.  Council members Ron Witt, Mike Cipriano, Vince Calcagno, Chris Ciaccio and Dan Schuberth listened to the police department members talk about the value of the facility and the importance of the training they will receive with the new facility. Also there was a demonstration to the amount of sound that comes from the new facility, video below you will hear a lightly muffled sound from live firing inside the range first with a hand gun then with a high power rifle. Then further back in the parking lot again with the rifle. Some residents were concerned with loud noises coming from the facility but that was not the case as demonstrated by RTPD.

Robbinsville Township Council Members given tour of new police gun range.