Day: December 6, 2019 60k+ Views 13k+ Visitors In First Month

December 6, 2019

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)– was officially open about month month ago. Since making the site public it has received 62,400 page views by 13,167 visitors. Visitors read an average 4.7 stories per visit.

On this site there are 107 stories/posts all written in the past month or so.

If you have been reading the site regularly so much news happens that things move down the news feed quickly so use the following to help navigate the site so you don’t miss a story.

Eight stories were published yesterday and stories within the past week are still relevant so sign up for e-mail and check the Latest 50 stories in the right reading pane.

If you are a first time visitor or you want to see stories related to your town, use the category buttons at the top of the page to help navigate to the town or news interest.

Other ways to navigate the website is the search box on the left reading pane for a detailed search of all stories posted. There is a “category” drag down box just below the search box to help locate what you are looking for.

Social Media: Facebook MidJerseynews and Twitter MidJerseynews YouTube right now just has advertising that is provided by the web hosting company. In the future once established local advertising will be available. I want to get the site up and going and produce a great product before launching advertising.

You can support this website now by every so often clicking on the advertisements on the web page.

Another way to support the website and to see all the videos first is “subscribe” to my YouTube Channel. There are over 100 videos posted on that channel some videos are from my archives of news videos back when working for WZBN in Hamilton. The YouTube Channel needs to get to 1,000 “subscribers” so take a second and hit the subscribe button on there.

95% of the photography on this page comes from myself and I have art available for sale at Dragonfly Design Studio at 6 Church Street in Allentown. There is also a large canvas of the old mill available in the Moth Coffee House. Stop in and check out those local businesses and my other work. I am also available for photography check out my website and Facebook site.

Why call it “MidJersey” news? Central Jersey seems to be hijacked by an area well north of our area and even areas well above the Rartain River. Years ago we had a trivia argument where the exact center of the State of NJ was. I e-mailed the USGS US Geological Survey were the exact center of the State of NJ is and they thought that was a great question and responded after some researching the topic. The reply I received that stated that if you used a computer model with the area and shape of New Jersey and filled it with liquid the balancing point would be in Hamilton Township along the marsh lands of the Crosswicks Creek. Hamilton Township would be the mid-point of New Jersey and the scientific center of New Jersey. Sorry to the folks north of the Raritan River you are “North Jersey”