Basketball: Robbinsville 64 Trenton 40

January 24, 2020

By: Dennis Symons, Jr.

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–The Robbinsville Ravens Boys Basketball Team defeated the Trenton Tornados 64-40 at home tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Basketball: Robbinsville 64 Trenton 40”

  1. I would have never expected Robbinsville to top Trenton in basketball in my lifetime. I’ve lived in Mercer County about 50 years and Trenton was always the dominant team growing up. I think part of this reflects private and charter schools draining Trenton’s top academics and athletes from the public schools. It may be in the best interest of the individual athlete to accept the Notre Dame scholarship but if you look at the macro result, it negatively effects the majority of students in the city by depriving them of winners in the one area where they usually have an advantage. And that doesn’t release the citizens of Trenton for their lack of responsibility in this issue. I work at an elementary school in the city and I know of no local programs (Easily accessible) where our students can train in the sport. The school gyms need to be open after school and adults need to volunteer to train the youth in this sport. Currently we have a wealthy Princeton volunteer who is running an after school wrestling program for kids at our school, but the sports training needs to be more organic with Trenton adults demanding the schools stay open past hours and on Saturdays for basketball and they have to volunteer their time and clout to make it happen.


    1. I have been out of the sports mix for the past few years and I was there when the last Bethea went though the wrestling program. The Bethea family wrestlers were almost unbeatable and regularly won at the states in Atlantic City. The last I heard the Betheas were going to try and help the wrestling program. One Trenton parent at the Trenton/Robbinsville game asked me why the two Trenton newspapers don’t cover sports anymore and I told them something that made them laugh (something I can’t post here lol). Anyway I think some of the things you mentioned, lack of coverage and excitement in the media that draws kids into the program. Last time I covered a game at Trenton High School was the old school. I am looking forward to covering something at the new school soon. I opened this site 3 months ago and a one man operation so I’ll eventually get around to it. I don’t have advertising yet so everything I do is coming out of my pocket, I wanted to build the site before I seek sponsors. Sorry that’s a little all over the board I did not have my coffee yet. 🙂


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