Message From Robbinsville Township Mayor Dave Fried

March 19, 2020

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–See message below from Robbinsville Township, Mayor Dave Fried:

Let’s start today’s update with some good news.

The doctor at Mercer Bucks Cardiology, who resides in Burlington County and works in Robbinsville, is recovering very well at home and is expected to be cleared in the coming days.

In addition, the one patient he saw on March 3, 2020 who was symptomatic has tested negative for COVID-19, while the more than 20 other patients he came in contact with that day are now safely past the 14-day isolation period with no symptoms.

We have had multiple conference calls with both Mercer County and the State, and it appears the current restrictions will remain in place for the next few weeks at least. Please show compassion to one another. Try to take a moment and not just think, but feel, before responding to someone either in person or online. Everyone is under a lot of stress. Many companies are being forced to lay people off. Others have seen their life’s work already eviscerated. We need to rely on each other now more than ever. If you have the ability to check on a neighbor, please do so – especially our seniors. Please do not hoard products. We have not heard of any supply chain interruptions for basic needs with the exception of those doing the hoarding. Also, remember our local businesses. We need our restaurants to stay open to help with that food chain via pick-up and delivery service. Restaurants closing puts a terrible strain on all of our area grocery stores. If any of your neighbors are in need, help them if you can. If you cannot, please contact the Township.

There is a shortage of emergency supplies for many first responders. Masks are in short supply, so please do not use them unless you are told to do so by a medical professional. COVID-19 test kits are also in terribly short supply. As more wide-spread testing begins over the next few weeks, the number of positive cases will increase. There is no reason to panic. This does not mean the virus is spreading faster than people thought. What it means is more people are being tested. Positive test results are coming back for individuals showing no symptoms whatsoever. That is the reason we must be careful about social distancing, washing our hands and cleaning surfaces that are regularly touched.

As mayor, the Township’s public safety director and as a human being, I am very disappointed at the lack of supplies and testing. I have been asked regularly who is to blame? Frankly, all of us can point the finger at someone. In our desire to get inexpensive products, we have ceded our manufacturing capabilities in the United States to other countries. I truly hope we learn from this and keep some of the much-needed manufacturing in America. But that’s another topic for another day.

If you are not showing any symptoms – a fever over 100 degrees, body aches or sore throat, and you don’t have a note or prescription from your doctor regarding underlying conditions that make you more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, please do not get tested at this time. Save those tests for those individuals with symptoms – at least until tests become more readily available.

We will get through this. I also know this is very frustrating … for everyone. Many people are afraid for their jobs, their businesses and their families. However, we need to keep our heads and do as we are instructed by safety officials and medical experts. Most of all, we have to stay positive.
Keep going outside. Get your daily exercise. Town Center Lake was busy all day Tuesday and Wednesday with families and friends walking, running, biking and fishing. That’s a great sign!

Be patient with each other and share kind words.
This will pass, I promise, and when it does we will be stronger than we ever imagined because of it.

God bless you all.