Smith: College Students, Schools in NJ04 get $24M in CARES Act Emergency Funds

Mercer County Community College – $3,851,115, West Windsor, Mercer County

Ocean County College – $4,265,169, Toms River, NJ

Brookdale Community College – $ 6,334,411, Lincroft, Monmouth County

April 13, 2020

More than $24 million has been approved for institutions of higher learning and career institutes in the Monmouth, Ocean and Mercer areas of Rep. Chris Smith’s Fourth Congressional District to help these schools and their students overcome the costs and the impact of the coronavirus, said Smith today.

   The $24 million on its way to educational facilities in or bordering Smith’s district is part of a broader $238 million award to colleges across the state which was announced today by the U.S. Department of Education—following a bipartisan letter by the New Jersey congressional delegation which Rep. Smith cosigned with his NJ colleagues in the House and which was led by NJ’s two senators.

   Smith said the funding—$24,147,003 which will help pay for the impact of COVID-19 of the higher education system—comes from the comprehensive, bipartisan $2 trillion stimulus bill to help communities devastated by the coronavirus pandemic which Smith supported and was signed into law by President Trump March 27.

   “Our students and colleges have seen immense financial challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak across America,” said Smith (NJ-04), who spoke on the floor in support of quick passage of the CARES Act. “This funding will help stabilize the higher education system which has been turned upside down in this health crisisIt’s good news from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for our higher learning educational system in New Jersey.”

   Among the recipients are Brookdale County College which will receive $6.3 million, Ocean County College $4.2 million, Mercer County College $3.8 million, Beth Medrash Govoha of America $5.8 million and Georgian Court nearly $1.7 million.

   Numerous learning institutions in the Fourth District area Rep. Smith serves are receiving funds, including:

  • Advantage Career Institute – $41,609, Eatontown, Monmouth County
  • Bais Medrash Mayan Hatorah – $46,377, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Bais Medrash Toras Chesed – $68,038, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Beth Medrash Govoha of America – $5,899,593, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Beth Medrash of Asbury Park – $109,145, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Brookdale Community College – $ 6,334,411, Lincroft, Monmouth County
  • Georgian Court University – $1,690,335, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Medical Career Institute – $332,030 Ocean Twp., Monmouth County
  • Mercer County Community College – $3,851,115, West Windsor, Mercer County
  • Ocean County College – $4,265,169, Toms River, NJ
  • Saint Francis Medical Center – $23,963, Trenton, Mercer County
  • Seminary Bnos Chaim – $255,559, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Talmudical Academy – $122,458, Adelphia, Monmouth County
  • Yeshiva Bais Aharon – $64,039, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Yeshiva Chemdas Hatorah – $112,892, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Yeshiva Gedola Tiferes Yerachmiel – $179,422, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Yeshiva Gedolah Keren Hatorah – $229,239, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Yeshiva Gedolah Shaarei Shmuel – $85,372, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Yeshiva Toras Chaim – $347,751, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah   $73,641, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Yeshivas Emek Hatorah     $56,454, Howell, Monmouth County

    The CARES Act is the third and the largest phase of the federal response enacted into law. Smith supported Phase I, the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020—which provided $8.3 billion for treatment and prevention measures in NJ. Phase II, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act—provided paid sick leave, family medical leave, free testing, and expanded unemployment benefits among other provisions to help working Americans.

     The CARES Act is also providing direct financial assistance of $1,200 for individuals making under $75,000 per year, $100 billion in grants to hospitals to address coronavirus-related financial damage, $150 billion to assist state and local governments, $600 extra per week to unemployment benefits for four months, and $16 billion to assist in the procurement of medical supplies for the Strategic National Stockpile.

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