Day: April 20, 2020

House Fire In Trenton

April 20, 2020

Photos by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Trenton Fire Department responded to 12 Hanford Place for a fire in a 2 story home that left at least 2 people and 2 dogs temporary homeless tonight.

Upon arrival of the first due apparatus, heavy smoke was seen from the first and second floors and a “all hands” was called for sending the full first alarm to the scene. Trenton firefighters quickly brought the fire under control. The Trenton Fire Marshall was on scene investigating. A request was made for find temporary shelter for 2 people and 2 dogs.

No other information was available at the time of this report.

NJ State Trooper Rescues Suicidal Woman From I-295 Bridge At Scenic Overlook

April 20, 2020

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–A New Jersey State Trooper rescued a suicidal woman attempting to jump from a pedestrian overpass on Interstate 295.

On Tuesday, April 14, at 11:48 p.m., Trooper Robert Waldrop was on patrol on I-295 when he stopped to assist a motorist in the scenic overlook parking lot in Hamilton Township, Mercer County. The motorist exited his vehicle and indicated there was a woman attempting to jump from the pedestrian overpass.

Trooper Waldrop immediately advised dispatch before responding to the overpass. When he arrived, he observed an 18-year-old woman on the opposite side of the chain-link fence standing on the edge of the bridge.

While speaking to her, Trooper Waldrop observed that was distraught and contemplating jumping.

Without hesitation, Trooper Waldrop grabbed the woman’s shirt through the fence and comforted her as he assisted her down the ramp to the ground level of the scenic overlook.

A short time later, Hamilton EMS arrived on scene and transported the woman to an area hospital for further treatment.

We urge anyone experiencing a crisis that seems too much to bear to contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or go to

Group Of 7 People Protest Against COVID-19 Orders Near NJ State House And Governor Murphy’s Office Prior To Press Conference

April 20, 2020

Story by: Dennis Symons, Jr.

Protest Photos and Video by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

Press conference, pool photos by: Kevin Sanders, New Jersey Globe

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–A small group of 7 people were in Trenton today near Governor Murphy’s Office and just down the street from the State House protesting the Governor’s Stay At Home Orders.

One woman yelled “Help Us!” as a man on a bull horn stated “Freedom loving slaves, yes, we are freedom loving slaves, we miss our freedom.”

Another man could be heard “Thank you for not wearing a mask. You don’t need a mask if you are 10 feet away”

The man on a bull horn was carrying a hand made sign that said, “Government IS the VIRUS Wake Up!” On the back of the sign from a different angle you could see: “Research Earth Is Flat” “How do YOU KNOW, YOU live on a spinning ball?” The sign is quite possibly a recycled old sign from a flat earth society protest in the past for people who believe the earth is flat.

The protest group had 7 members prior to Governor Murphy’s Daily Press Conference then dwindled to about 4 members when checking back at the location during the press confrnece.

The NJ Attorney General and the NJ State Police have been actively charging organizers of protests as the one in Trenton on Friday. This was reported by the NJ Attorney General on April 17, 2020

Kim Pagan of Toms River was charged by the New Jersey State Police with violating the emergency orders by organizing a prohibited event today in Trenton in which protesters gathered outside the State House and at other locations in Trenton to demonstrate against the Governor’s Executive Orders.”

4/20/2020 Press Pool photos by: Kevin Sanders, New Jersey Globe

Governor Phil Murphy responding to some pressure and complaints to reopen the economy said at his daily press conference, “Reopening our economy today would backfire on us two-fold – a large spike in #COVID19 cases, and no customers at our stores because people are still fearful for their health and that of their kids and families.

This is a two-part scenario – securing the public health situation so you can have confidence as you get back as we reopen our economy.

Right now, that confidence does not exist.

In the coming days, I will announce the benchmarks we will need to see to reopen our state.

Do not think for one minute that we’re going to be able to flip a switch and return to life as we knew it. We will be careful and we will be strategic.

Our mission is to save lives.

It may be inconvenient for some, but your inconvenience pales in comparison to the 4,377 people who are now dead.

My job – our collective job – is to protect the 9 million residents of our state as best as possible. For that I will not apologize.

Personal health creates economic health. It can’t be the other way around. It has to happen in that order.”

First Lady Tammy Murphy to Host Facebook Live Interview with Dr. Lisa Gittens-Williams to Share Information for Women Navigating Pregnancy During COVID-19 Global Pandemic

April 20, 2020

TRENTON – First Lady Tammy Murphy will host a Facebook Live interview, tomorrow, April 21, at 3:30 pm., with Dr. Lisa Gittens-Williams to share information for women navigating pregnancy during the COVID-19 global pandemic. “Ask an OBGYN,” which will be livestreamed from the First Lady’s Facebook page, will offer guidance on how a mother can prevent contracting COVID-19, obtain prenatal care, have a safe and healthy delivery, and manage COVID-19 during and after pregnancy. The interview will address the current maternal and infant health crisis in New Jersey and the health disparities that continue to be exacerbated by the COVID-19 outbreak. The interview is part of Nurture NJ, the First Lady’s statewide awareness campaign to combat the maternal and infant health crisis in New Jersey. Currently, New Jersey ranks 47th in the nation for maternal deaths.“The COVID-19 global pandemic adds significant risks and challenges to combatting the black maternal and infant health crisis in New Jersey,” said First Lady Tammy Murphy. “The COVID-19 crisis is exacerbating our health disparities, proving we must continue our work to improve the health of our mothers and babies. This interview with Dr. Gittens-Williams will offer guidance and share information to better prepare expectant mothers to protect themselves and their babies throughout pregnancy, delivery, and after they bring their little one home.”
“Pregnancy and a newborn baby are enough to keep you up at night. Pregnant women and their families deserve help navigating the landscape of COVID-19,” said Dr. Lisa Gittens-Williams. “As women meet health care providers, who are wearing masks and face shields, they need to know that they are still being seen through the lens of health equity.”Dr. Lisa Gittens-Williams is a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health at Rutgers NJ Medical School. She is a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist and is the Director of Obstetrics at University Hospital, Newark, NJ.  She serves as the chair of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Committee for ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) District III.In New Jersey, a black woman is five times more likely than a white woman to die of pregnancy-related complications and a black baby is three times more likely than a white baby to die before his or her first birthday. This is one of the widest racial disparities in the nation.Nurture NJ, which is devoted to serving every mother, every baby, and every family in New Jersey, includes a multi-pronged, multi-agency approach to improve maternal and infant health. The campaign focuses on improving collaboration and programming between departments, agencies, and stakeholders to achieve its goal of making New Jersey the safest place in the country to give birth and raise a baby. Nurture NJ initiatives include an annual Black Maternal and Infant Health Leadership Summit; the First Lady’s Family Festival event series; quarterly interdepartmental maternal and infant health meetings; and a comprehensive, statewide strategic plan to reduce maternal mortality by 50 percent over five years and eliminate racial disparities in birth outcomes.Learn more about Nurture NJ at First Lady Tammy Murphy on Twitter (@FirstLadyNJ), Facebook (@FirstLadyNJ), and Instagram (@FirstLadyNewJersey).

COVID-19 Violators In NJ Including Man Who Posted On Facebook He Would Run Testers Over With SUV

April 20, 2020

TRENTON – Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, announced the following recent enforcement actions related to COVID-19, including those involving individuals in violation of Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders: Assaults and Threats Against Police Officers, EMTs, or Others

  • Jacob M. Carr, 30, of Barrington, was arrested yesterday, April 19, by the Barrington Borough Police Department on charges of second-degree terroristic threats during an emergency, obstruction (disorderly persons offense), and violating the emergency orders by impeding the performance of an emergency function (disorderly persons offense).  After Carr learned that a COVID-19 testing center was being opened at the Rite Aid on Clements Bridge Road in Barrington, he allegedly posted angry messages on the Barrington Parent’s Page on Facebook,  including “I’m gonna run you all over with my SUV if I see anyone getting tested.” This caused panic to residents, who alerted the police.  Carr used a Facebook account opened under a false name to post the messages, but the police department traced the account to Carr.

Other Criminal Charges Involving Indictable Offenses

  • Firaz Osman, 18, and three Juvenile Males, all of South Brunswick, were charged by the South Brunswick Police Department with burglary (3rd degree) and violating the emergency orders.  The South Brunswick Police responded at about 3:30 a.m. yesterday to Point of Woods Drive on a report of persons entering a vacant home. Police officers initially located Osman and two other male youths inside the home.  While searching the attic of the residence for the fourth suspect, a police officer fell through the ceiling, injuring his abdomen. The officer was treated at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and later released.  The fourth suspect was located by police later at his residence.

Other Violations of Executive Orders, Including “Stay at Home” Order, and Ordinances

  • Yasser Abraham, 55, Sabh Mahmud, 30, both of Plainfield, and a Male Juvenile were charged yesterday, April 19, by the Plainfield Police with violating the emergency orders for operating a non-essential business, My Home Furniture Store on West Front Street. Police found the store open and two employees on the premises, Mahmud and the juvenile male.  They indicated they opened the store at the instruction of the owner, Abraham.  Abraham had been warned several times before when police responded and found the store open for business.
  • Tuvia Liberana, 53, of Passaic,  was charged yesterday by the Passaic Police with violating the emergency orders for holding a large party at his home on Aycrigg Avenue.   When police arrived, they found a large number of people on the front lawn, inside the house, and in the rear yard of the home. Police issued a summons to Liberana and directed his guests to disperse.
  • Marc Taylor, 19, of Jersey City, Dalanie Felton, 19, of Jersey City, Jeremy Perez, 22, of Union City, Dasean Lassiter, 19, of Jersey City, Bashard Davis, 18, of Jersey City, Quadra Domnie, 19, of Jersey City, and Prima Lockemy, 19, of Jersey City, were charged yesterday, April 19, by the Jersey City Police with violating the emergency orders, public consumption of alcohol, and possession of a gambling device, all disorderly persons offenses.  Police found the defendants in Triangle Park at Danforth Avenue and Old Bergen Road, where they were allegedly drinking outside, playing dice, and failing to practice social distancing.
  • Jose Vicente-Ruiz, 22, of Carteret, was charged by the Passaic Police Department with DWI and violating the emergency orders when he was stopped by police just after midnight on April 12 for driving erratically on Monroe Street in Passaic.
  • Lucero Dalia, 21, Paul Morrobel-Cepeda, 20, and Frianky Nunez, 21, all of Passaic, were charged early this morning by the Passaic Police Department with violating the emergency orders.  Dalia drove to police headquarters and reported that her ex-boyfriend was following her in a vehicle.  Her passenger was Morrobel-Cepeda.  Nunez was stopped and said he wanted to speak to Dalia. None of the defendants had a legitimate reason for being out.
  • Virginia Day, 55, of Rockleigh, was charged yesterday, April 19, by the Northvale Police Department with defiant trespass (disorderly persons offense).  Day was found inside Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary, a municipal park that is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Police had warned her twice before that the park is closed.
  • Dennis E. Brown, 69, of Bensalem, Pa., was charged yesterday by the Lambertville Police Department with violating the emergency orders and municipal ordinances for riding a bike on the canal path in the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park after being advised the park is closed.
  • Renee F. Perrine, 49, of Toms River, was charged on April 18, by the Bay Head Police with violating the emergency orders and operating an unregistered vehicle.  When she was stopped for operating an unregistered vehicle, she said she was driving around playing Pokemon Go.
  • Dipali Patel, 30, of New Brunswick, was charged early this morning by the Woodbridge Police Department with DWI and violating the emergency orders.
  • Luis Mojica, 34, John Rodriguez, 31, Ramon Rodriguez, 25, and Kyle Joans, 20, all of Paterson, were charged on Saturday, April 18, by the Paterson Police Department with violating the emergency orders for gathering on Park Avenue without an essential purpose, refusing to disperse, and failing to practice social distancing.
  • Trindell Smith, 47, James Hart, 45, and Ernest Moss, 49, all of Paterson, were charged on Saturday, April 18, by the Paterson Police Department with violating the emergency orders for gathering on Rosa Parks Boulevard without an essential purpose and refusing to disperse.
  • Foquir Melton, 22, Darren Johnson, 52, Devon Hobsen, 27,  Jesus Hernandez, 65, Timothy Stefanovich, 43, and Jerome Ford, 64, all of Paterson, were charged on Saturday, April 18, by the Paterson Police Department with violating the emergency orders for gathering in the area of Main and Weiss Streets without an essential purpose and refusing to disperse.
  • From April 8 through April 19, the Seaside Park Police issued summonses for public nuisance, a violation of a borough ordinance, to the following seven people for violating closure orders for beaches or parks related to COVID-19: Thomas M. Lanza, 27 of Toms River, N.J., and Dylan M. Connell, 26, of Palm Bay, Fla., on April 8; Jeffrey N. Burroughs, 53, of Los Angeles, Calif., on April 14; Zoe H. Bloodgood, 18, of Berkeley, N.J., on April 19; and Stefanie S. Gomes, 26, Robert P. Hickey Jr., 31, and Joao J. Pinho, 30, all of Kearny, N.J., on April 19.

 The defendants who were charged strictly with violating the emergency orders or local ordinances and who do not face more serious charges were charged by summons— they were not arrested.  Those cases will be adjudicated in municipal court.  “One month after Governor Murphy issued his emergency orders, we are flattening the curve and saving lives, because the vast majority of our residents are conscientiously obeying the social distancing rules and doing their share to fight COVID-19,” said Attorney General Grewal.  “Unfortunately, there are still those who violate the orders, risking the further spread of this deadly virus.  What is worse, there are some who deliberately threaten our brave police officers, medical personnel, and other essential workers, impeding their vital work.  Our message to violators is that we will hold you accountable, whether it is through a summons for those who violate the social distancing orders, or an arrest on indictable charges for those who deliberately harm or threaten others during this emergency.”    “Although law enforcement and medical professionals are on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19, we are ultimately winning the war because of the extraordinary resolve and fortitude of New Jersey citizens who are doing their part day in and day out, abiding by the executive orders and sacrificing for the greater good,” said Colonel Patrick Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.  “Those who choose to ignore the law and selfishly place others at risk will face swift law enforcement action.” Violations of the emergency orders constitute a disorderly persons offense carrying a potential sentence of up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.  However, violators can potentially face criminal charges including second, third, and fourth degree indictable offenses. On April 1, Attorney General Grewal announced enhanced charges against six people who were charged with assaulting and threatening law enforcement officers and violating the emergency orders.  Specifically, those enhanced charges included making terroristic threats during a state of emergency, which is a second degree offense carrying a sentence of five to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $150,000.  Sixteen additional defendants, including Jacob Carr, have been similarly charged since that time for alleged assaults or threats against police officers, emergency medical technicians, or others. Third-degree charges carry a sentence of three to five years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000, while fourth-degree charges carry a sentence of up to 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. The charges are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. If you are seeing a lack of compliance with the Governor’s emergency orders in your town, please contact your local police department or report here The Attorney General’s Office and New Jersey State Police will continue to work with law enforcement throughout New Jersey to deter non-complaint behavior. No one should take advantage of this pandemic to further their own biased agendas.  COVID-19 is no excuse to promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and or other biased stereotypes.  Please report bias crimes at 1-800-277-BIAS. 

April 20, COVID-19 Update

April 20, 2020

World: Cases: 2,463,357 Deaths: 168,906 Recovered: 644,262 as of 4:38 pm. ET

United States of America: Cases: 778,176 Deaths: 41,313 Recovered: 71,921 Tested: 3,893,815 as of 4:38 pm. ET

Check the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Tracker for the latest numbers

New Jersey: Cases: 88,806 Deaths: 4,377

Some good news in NJ: Recovered

Five weeks ago, former Ridgewood High School lacrosse standout and Bates College All-American Jack Allard was confirmed positive for #COVID19. He was put on a ventilator. Last Thursday, he walked out of the hospital. For Jack and the hundreds more who have recovered, we’re optimistic.

We now have 88,806 confirmed #COVID19 cases.
• Atlantic: 410
• Bergen: 13,011
• Burlington: 1,663
• Camden: 2,255
• Cape May: 212
• Cumberland: 338
• Essex: 10,729
• Gloucester: 770
• Hudson: 11,150
• Hunterdon: 419
• Mercer: 2,591
• Middlesex: 8,346
• Monmouth: 4,787
• Morris: 4,236
• Ocean: 4,868
• Passaic: 8,479
• Salem: 120
• Somerset: 2,488
• Sussex: 680
• Union: 9,972
• Warren: 613
• Under Investigation: 660

We’ve now lost 4,377 New Jerseyans to COVID-19.
• Atlantic: 19
• Bergen: 787
• Burlington: 61
• Camden: 81
• Cape May: 15
• Cumberland: 4
• Essex: 751
• Gloucester: 25
• Hudson: 492
• Hunterdon: 18
• Mercer: 122
• Middlesex: 345
• Monmouth: 230
• Morris: 269
• Ocean: 222
• Passaic: 263
• Salem: 4
• Somerset: 170
• Sussex: 64
• Union: 387
• Warren: 47
• Unknown: 1

•6,986 #COVID19 patients reported hospitalized
•2,018 individuals listed in critical or intensive care
•1,594 ventilators were in use
•74 patients are at one of our field medical stations
•583 New Jerseyans discharged

Monmouth County has 4,783 positive cases
of COVID-19

FREEHOLD, NJ – Monmouth County Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arnone and Freeholder Deputy Director Susan M. Kiley have announced that, as of April 20, the State is reporting 114 new positive cases of COVID-19 in Monmouth County, bringing the total to 4,783.

The Freeholders noted that the number of cases in Monmouth County seem to be stabilizing. They will talk more about this at their Freeholder meeting, which will be live streamed at 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, April 21, on the Monmouth County Government Facebook and YouTube Channel.

The breakdown by municipality is as follows:

  • Aberdeen: 133
  • Allenhurst: 2
  • Allentown: 4
  • Asbury Park: 98
  • Atlantic Highlands: 18
  • Avon-by-the-Sea: 9
  • Belmar: 13
  • Bradley Beach: 22
  • Brielle: 22
  • Colts Neck: 56
  • Deal: 23
  • Eatontown: 138
  • Englishtown: 20
  • Fair Haven: 17
  • Farmingdale: 10
  • Freehold Borough: 173
  • Freehold Township: 414
  • Hazlet: 182
  • Highlands: 20
  • Holmdel: 150
  • Howell: 414
  • Interlaken: 1
  • Keansburg: 82
  • Keyport: 57
  • Lake Como: 12
  • Little Silver: 26
  • Loch Arbour: 1
  • Long Branch: 280
  • Manalapan: 329
  • Manasquan: 25
  • Marlboro: 319
  • Matawan: 119
  • Middletown: 372
  • Millstone: 57
  • Monmouth Beach: 18
  • Neptune City: 24
  • Neptune Township: 250
  • Ocean: 189
  • Oceanport: 42
  • Red Bank: 98
  • Roosevelt: 2
  • Rumson: 27
  • Sea Bright: 7
  • Sea Girt: 9
  • Shrewsbury Borough: 27
  • Shrewsbury Township: 7
  • Spring Lake: 8
  • Spring Lake Heights: 16
  • Tinton Falls: 106
  • Union Beach: 31
  • Upper Freehold: 33
  • Wall: 169
  • West Long Branch: 54
  • Unknown: 48

Monmouth County news updates and information regarding the COVID-19 situation are posted at

Covid-19 Total Cases (4822) In Ocean County:

Total as of Monday, 4/20/2020 at 11:00 am

Effective as of March 28, 2020, the data represented below identifies the municipality or mailing address which was self-reported by the resident at the time of testing. It may not necessarily represent the municipality of residence.

Town NameNumber of Cases
Barnegat Light2
Bay Head6
Beach Haven5
Harvey Cedars0
Island Heights7
Little Egg Harbor76
Long Beach Township17
Ocean Gate7
Ocean Twp. (Waretown)27
Pine Beach8
Point Pleasant Beach28
Point Pleasant Borough102
Seaside Heights21
Seaside Park3
Ship Bottom6
South Toms River52
Surf City4
Toms River847
Total Positive Cases: 4822 

Construction Trailer Fire In Hamilton

April 20. 2020

Photos and story by: Dennis Symons, Jr.

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–A construction trailer carrying an excavator on Sawmill Road near East Acres Drive caught fire this morning around 9:30 a.m. The contractor removed the excavator from the trailer while the trailer burned. The Hamilton Township Fire Department responded and quickly extinguished the fire.

The Hamilton Township Police Department shut the road down until the fire operation was completed. The fire appeared to start in the area of the right axle of the vehicle according to fire department sources.