Group Of 7 People Protest Against COVID-19 Orders Near NJ State House And Governor Murphy’s Office Prior To Press Conference

April 20, 2020

Story by: Dennis Symons, Jr.

Protest Photos and Video by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

Press conference, pool photos by: Kevin Sanders, New Jersey Globe

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–A small group of 7 people were in Trenton today near Governor Murphy’s Office and just down the street from the State House protesting the Governor’s Stay At Home Orders.

One woman yelled “Help Us!” as a man on a bull horn stated “Freedom loving slaves, yes, we are freedom loving slaves, we miss our freedom.”

Another man could be heard “Thank you for not wearing a mask. You don’t need a mask if you are 10 feet away”

The man on a bull horn was carrying a hand made sign that said, “Government IS the VIRUS Wake Up!” On the back of the sign from a different angle you could see: “Research Earth Is Flat” “How do YOU KNOW, YOU live on a spinning ball?” The sign is quite possibly a recycled old sign from a flat earth society protest in the past for people who believe the earth is flat.

The protest group had 7 members prior to Governor Murphy’s Daily Press Conference then dwindled to about 4 members when checking back at the location during the press confrnece.

The NJ Attorney General and the NJ State Police have been actively charging organizers of protests as the one in Trenton on Friday. This was reported by the NJ Attorney General on April 17, 2020

Kim Pagan of Toms River was charged by the New Jersey State Police with violating the emergency orders by organizing a prohibited event today in Trenton in which protesters gathered outside the State House and at other locations in Trenton to demonstrate against the Governor’s Executive Orders.”

4/20/2020 Press Pool photos by: Kevin Sanders, New Jersey Globe

Governor Phil Murphy responding to some pressure and complaints to reopen the economy said at his daily press conference, “Reopening our economy today would backfire on us two-fold – a large spike in #COVID19 cases, and no customers at our stores because people are still fearful for their health and that of their kids and families.

This is a two-part scenario – securing the public health situation so you can have confidence as you get back as we reopen our economy.

Right now, that confidence does not exist.

In the coming days, I will announce the benchmarks we will need to see to reopen our state.

Do not think for one minute that we’re going to be able to flip a switch and return to life as we knew it. We will be careful and we will be strategic.

Our mission is to save lives.

It may be inconvenient for some, but your inconvenience pales in comparison to the 4,377 people who are now dead.

My job – our collective job – is to protect the 9 million residents of our state as best as possible. For that I will not apologize.

Personal health creates economic health. It can’t be the other way around. It has to happen in that order.”