Open New Jersey Now, Small Business Rally Held In Trenton

May 7, 2020

Story by: Dennis Symons

Photos by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–The largest group of protesters so far, that are against Phil Murphy’s “lock down” and “Stay At Home” Orders gathered today at the NJ State House on West State Street.

The group appeared to call their self “Open New Jersey Now” held signs, marched and chanted from 1 to 4 pm this afternoon. The rally started at the State House and then proceeded to the War Memorial where it continues at this hour via Facebook Live.

Not much is known about the group since many social media posts about public gatherings are taken down or censured. The NJ Attorney General and several police agencies have been known to break up and charge organizers of such events in New Jersey as put out in past press releases.