Day: May 16, 2020

2nd Alarm In Trenton

May 16, 2020

Photos by: Brian McCarthy, OnScene News

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Trenton Fire Department responded to a 2 Alarm Fire tonight in the 100 Block of Tyrell Avenue. It appears that the fire was in the center of a row and most of the row is abandoned. Heavy fire was reported at the roof line and Trenton Fire Department brought the blaze under control within an hour. Fire department covers from surrounding communities were called to cover the City of Trenton. No further information is available at this time.

Chartered Fishing And Watercraft Rentals To Resume Tomorrow

May 16, 2020 UPDATED AT 7:20 PM to include executive order and additional information provided by the Governor’s Office

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Governor Murphy is expected to sign an executive order today to allow reopening of fishing charters and other chartered boating serviced, this will also include watercraft rentals. The executive order will take effect May 17, 2020 at 6 am. Once we receive the executive order will will post it here.

Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order to Reopen Charter Fishing and Watercraft Rental Businesses

TRENTON – Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 146, which allows charter fishing services and for-hire vessel activities, as well as watercraft rental businesses, to open with required social distancing measures. These businesses can open on Sunday, May 17 at 6 am.“Reopening charter fishing services and watercraft rental businesses restores an extremely important component of our Shore economy.” said Governor Murphy. “The social distancing measures that we are putting in place will ensure that these businesses can sustain themselves while still adhering to public health guidance.”Charter fishing services and for-hire vessels will be allowed to reopen to the public so long as they adopt policies that include:

  • reduced capacity to no more than 10 people on a vessel at any one time;
  • electronic or telephone reservation and payment systems;
  • no make-up or open boat trips;
  • social distancing measures on the vessels and in waiting and boarding areas, including demarcation and signage;
  • prohibiting sharing of fishing equipment, bait, and gear;
  • limiting the use of nets or gaffs to the crew;
  • infection control and hygiene practices;
  • providing sanitization materials to passengers and crew;
  • frequent sanitization of vessel and high-touch areas;
  • The crew and passengers must wear a mask while aboard the vessel;
  • prohibiting food and beverage service; and
  • briefing all passengers prior to embarking on social distancing, capacity limits, and hygiene requirements.

Watercraft rental businesses will be allowed to reopen so long as they adopt policies consistent with the “curb-side pickup” restrictions that apply to retail establishments pursuant to Executive Order No. 142.
Copy of Executive Order No. 146

” I will sign an EO allowing for the resumption of:
🎣Fishing charters and other chartered-boat services
🛶Watercraft rentals

This Order will take effect tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM.

We will require specific social distancing and sanitation measures to be followed.”

Belmar Beach Is Open And Busy: So Far So Good, Don’t Screw It Up

May 16, 2020 Updated at 7:00 pm to change “beach access” to “beach badges” clarification on what the line that extended a couple of blocks was for. Remember photos and accounts at 1:30 pm is a “snapshot in time” and could be more or less crowded as the day progressed.

BELMAR, NJ (MONMOUTH)–A few moments ago (1:30 pm) a corespondent has sent in photos from Belmar, NJ and the area appears to be very busy but manageable. The line to get “beach badges” was very long and extended a couple of blocks.

A couple of popular stores lines could be seen that were long but, for the most part it seemed that people were keeping social distancing as much as they could. Once on the beach it appeared people kept a far enough distance between beach blankets to maintain the six foot rule for social distancing.

From photos provided and on scene reports beach is pretty much at capacity and pushing the envelope for social distancing so I would avoid going to that location until things settle down.

Reminder that Governor Murphy has stated this past week if the virus numbers go back up he would take measures again to close beaches. So it is up to you to keep distancing to keep down the spread of the virus. New Jersey, this is yours to screw up if you don’t maintain distancing, hand washing, and take other precautions so play by the rules.

Lakewood and Burlington Among List of COVID-19 Stay At Home Orders This Week

May 16, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)—Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, today announced enforcement actions from the past week, including coughing and spitting assaults and noteworthy violations of Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders.  The Attorney General also announced enforcement actions targeting price-gouging, consumer fraud violations, and alcoholic beverage control violations. “We’re cracking down on those who jeopardize public health and undermine public safety,” said Attorney General Grewal. “We have zero patience for those who spit on cops, gouge prices, or try to exploit this pandemic for their personal gain.” “Although law enforcement and medical professionals are on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19, we are ultimately winning the war because of the extraordinary resolve and fortitude of New Jersey citizens who are doing their part day in and day out, abiding by the executive orders and sacrificing for the greater good,” said Colonel Patrick Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.  “Those who choose to ignore the law and selfishly place others at risk will face swift law enforcement action.” 

Violations of Executive Orders, Including “Stay at Home” Order, and Ordinance:

  • Antwan Strickland, 20, of Roebling, Jemir Jones, 21, of Mount Laurel, and Rashaun Turner, 33, of Burlington Township were charged May 14 with violating the emergency orders after Burlington Police responded to a report of a dozen people gathered in the back yard of an abandoned home in Burlington city. Strickland, Jones and Turner were previously warned by police in connection with several similar incidents involving large gatherings. In addition, Strickland and Jones were among four people charged with violating the emergency orders and other disorderly persons offenses in Burlington city on May 10.
  • Chan Kwon, 49, of Perth Amboy, N.J., was charged on May 13 with violating the emergency orders by operating a non-essential business. Kwon owns a beauty supply store in Perth Amboy. The May 13 incident was the second time Kwon has been charged with violating the emergency orders. He received a summons on May 5 under similar circumstances.
  • Yisrael Knopfler, 44, of Lakewood, N.J. was charged with violating the emergency orders and other disorderly persons offenses on May 11 in connection with an incident that began when police found him hosting a gathering of more than 10 people in his back yard, where a tent was set up. Upon the officers’ arrival, a group of approximately 20 men approached and began yelling at them. Host Knopfler allegedly became verbally aggressive and uncooperative with the police and, at one point, made physical contact with an officer.
  • Chaim Oestreicher, 52 and Sarah Oestreicher, 49, of Lakewood, were cited on May 11 after police arrived at their home to find approximately 15-to-20 people gathered in the back yard next to an uncontained fire.
  • Chaim Gutman, 37, was cited on May 11 with violating the emergency orders after police responded to a report of loud music and found a band playing on the deck at his home before a crowd of between 50 and 100 people.
  • Miran Lee, 45, of Passaic, N.J., was charged on May 12 with violating the emergency orders and risking/causing widespread injury (4th degree) after police found her massage business – New Asian Massage – open and serving customers. On two prior occasions, Lee was issued summonses for violating the emergency orders by operating the same non-essential business and failing to practice social distancing. 
  • Mohammad Bahar, 42of Cliffside Park, N.J., was charged on May 12 with violating the emergency orders by operating a non-essential retail business — S&S Furniture Gallery in Irvington. Bahar, the store manager, was cited after police observed the store open and operating with customers inside.
  • Diana Ron, 38, of Union, N.J. and Dunia Mora, 59, of Irvington, N.J. were both cited for violating the orders on May 11. Ron owns Antojito’s Restaurant in Irvington, while Mora is the restaurant’s manager. Both received a summons after police observed that the bar/restaurant was open for business on May 11 and serving alcoholic drinks to customers inside the establishment.
  • James Robyn, 69, of Chester, N.J., was charged with violating the orders on May 11 after police found his retail pool and hot tub store open for business, with multiple customers shopping inside. Robyn was reportedly warned two weeks ago that the store could not be open. He was charged with violating the emergency orders by operating a non-essential business
  • Rami Jabara, 45, of Little Ferry,  N.J., was charged by the Paterson Police Department on May 10 with violating the emergency orders for opening the jewelry store he owns, Jerusalem Jewelry on Main Street.  Officers found the store open with customers inside shopping, despite the fact that Jabara was warned by police the day before for opening the non-essential business.
  • Sergio J. Moya Jr., 27, of Jersey City, was charged by the Port Authority Police Department on the night of May 8 with resisting arrest (disorderly persons offense), disorderly conduct (petty disorderly persons offense), and violating the emergency orders. Moya allegedly harassed ticket agents at Newark Airport and refused to leave.