Belmar Beach Is Open And Busy: So Far So Good, Don’t Screw It Up

May 16, 2020 Updated at 7:00 pm to change “beach access” to “beach badges” clarification on what the line that extended a couple of blocks was for. Remember photos and accounts at 1:30 pm is a “snapshot in time” and could be more or less crowded as the day progressed.

BELMAR, NJ (MONMOUTH)–A few moments ago (1:30 pm) a corespondent has sent in photos from Belmar, NJ and the area appears to be very busy but manageable. The line to get “beach badges” was very long and extended a couple of blocks.

A couple of popular stores lines could be seen that were long but, for the most part it seemed that people were keeping social distancing as much as they could. Once on the beach it appeared people kept a far enough distance between beach blankets to maintain the six foot rule for social distancing.

From photos provided and on scene reports beach is pretty much at capacity and pushing the envelope for social distancing so I would avoid going to that location until things settle down.

Reminder that Governor Murphy has stated this past week if the virus numbers go back up he would take measures again to close beaches. So it is up to you to keep distancing to keep down the spread of the virus. New Jersey, this is yours to screw up if you don’t maintain distancing, hand washing, and take other precautions so play by the rules.