Black Lives Matter Protest In Hightstown

June 2, 2020

Photos and story by: Dennis Symons, Jr.

HIGHTSTOWN, NJ (MERCER)—A Black Lives Matter protest was held in Highstown, NJ this afternoon. The march started at the Hightstown High School proceeded up Main Street to the center of town. Traffic was shut down for about ½ hour during the protest. Protesters voiced their concerns and talked with police.

One of the protesters said, “We are not here to hate, we are here to gather in love, we love you guys (the police) and want you to love us back. The color of our skin should not threaten anybody, we are all the same, we bleed the same, we are all humans, we are all the same. God made us all equal, it should not take this long for us to have equality. We are tired of being tired.”

Officers of the Hightstown Police Department were asked by protesters to “take a knee” in support and they did, shook hands, and hugged. The protesters then marched up Mercer Street back towards to the high school.

This was a peaceful protest and were no known reported incidents.

Ed note: I know a lot of the protesters from high school sports programs and also the police both sides great people.

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