NJ MVC Failure Day 3: South Brunswick Line Shut Down Before Even Opening Doors Today

Opinion: Due to total chaos and meltdown of the MVC, the head of the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Should Resign

July 9, 2020

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SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Mismanagement and malfeasance of the Motor Vehicle Commission continues as people have been in line since at least 10 pm last night waiting for their drivers licencees and other paperwork that needs to be processed in person.

South Brunswick Police are reporting that the South Brunswick NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Office is closed and not taking any more customers today even before the office officially opened for the day. The number was set around 200 people that could be processed today.

If this were a “private” company politicians would be making headlines, demanding action, requesting congressional investigations and demanding people be fired. The head of the Motor Vehicle Commission should resign for not properly preparing for the influx of people after at least a 3 month shut down.

Furloughs at the Motor Vehicle Commission should have never even been considered and if anything more people should be hired and overtime given to employees to stay open until at least 6 am to 10 pm daily until this backlog could be worked though.

The computer system should be improved and more stations should have been purchased and even tents set up with temporary stations to be more efficient. Ever hear of “temporary employees” or “Temps” to temporally work at the MVC until this backlog is finished.

Remember you pay a lot of money for this “service” as a person who has a commercial drivers licence with endorsements I pay $80.00 to renew that licence and have to do an in person visit to renew. This is not a “free” service we are paying for this and demand better.

If this were a “private” company with such demand they would hire more people and set up more stations to work more efficiently. Politicians would scream and demand action.

Yesterday a first responder from Millstone wanting to get a “Commercial Drivers Licence” (to drive a fire truck) at the Freehold Location was turned away after waiting 18 hours in line, even though the Freeehold location’s website said it would process commercial drivers licencees.

Yesterday Tyler Eckel of Hamilton 17 along with twin brother and friend waited 8 hours and 15 min to get their first drivers licences at the Bakers Basin location after getting there at 530 am to wait in line.

The horror stories continue after people waited 10+ hours they were turned away since the MVC closed its doors at the end of the day.

Governor Murphy we demand better.