If You Are Still Looking To See Comet Neowise Bring Some Optics For A Better View

July 18, 2020

MidJersey.News stories from July 14, 2020:

See Comet Neowise Before Its Gone

Evening Views Of Comet Neowise

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–As the days pass you will need optics to see Comet Neowise since it is not as visible to the naked eye as it was a few days ago. A good pair of binoculars, spotting scope or telescope should work if you still want to get a good view of the comet.

The easiest way to find the comet is by using an application on your phone such as “Star Walk 2” that shows a live view of the sky to get you in the area then use your binoculars, spotting scope or telescope to see the comet.

Comet Neowise as seen from Robbinsville, NJ just after 10:00 pm on July 18, 2020:

NASA video to help you spot Comet Neowise. Starting about 14:50 will give more detailed information to spot Comet Neowise.