Multiple Incidents On I-195 In Upper Freehold Create Local Traffic Issues

August 1, 2020

UPPER FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, NJ (MONMOUTH)–Multiple incidents on Interstate 195 East Bound this afternoon caused at least a 4 mile backup on the highway sending drivers to side roads causing local traffic issues.

Starting around 12:20 a car fire was reported at mile marker 13 in the median. Hope Fire Company of Allentown responded and reported a minor accident, Allentown EMS was on scene checking for injures.

A short time later EMS was sent to mile marker 13.6 for a pepper spray issue. Unconfirmed radio reports were sketchy but NJSP radio was heard that a vehicle was stopped after driving erratically with 5 occupants after initially did not pull over. Some fled scene and and possibly 2 were arrested for unknown issues. (These are breaking news reports and if and when official information becomes available the story will be corrected and updated with official information.- A reporter has reached out for details on the incident)

NJ DOT highway vehicles were with a broken down vehicle around the 13.8 mile marker.

As these multiple incidents occurred on Interstate 195 East a four mile backup occurred and those who use Google Maps, Waze or other GPS traffic mapping program were rerouted off the highway onto back roads. A long steady stream of vehicles were seen on Route 526, 524, Old Noah Hunt Road, Pine Drive, Burnt Tavern Road and others were backed up due to highway traffic being rerouted. It appears most were heading to Six Flags Great Adventure, Hurricane Harbor or rerouting back onto 195 East at Route 537.

Google Traffic is showing no traffic backups at the time of the posting of this report at 3:20 pm.