Day: August 18, 2020

Hamilton Firefighters Quickly Extinguish Blaze In Large Commercial Building

August 18, 2020

From on scene and radio reports:

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–Around 6:30 pm Hamilton Township firefighters had a person walk into the station and report a fire at 2075 East State Street Extension originally reported as a dumpster fire. Upon arrival firefighters found that the fire was inside the building. The large building measures 240 feet by 306 feet by its odd shaped longest side with a total square feet not including offices of approximately 50,000 square feet.

Firefighters gained access though a security gate to the side parking area of the large commercial building. Hamilton firefighters advanced a 2 1/2 inch hand line inside the building to quickly extinguish the fire. It appears that the quick actions of the Hamilton Township firefighters have prevented a major blaze. Firefighters were on scene for approximately two hours for the investigation and overhaul.

No further information was available at the time of this report. The fire is under investigation by the Hamilton Township Fire Fire Marshal.

UPDATE: Additional Santander Bank ATMs Hit In Mercer County

This investigation remains fluid, numerous local and state police, multiple prosecutor’s offices officers, FBI and others are actively working on this case. There are many subjects arrested in multiple jurisdictions, in multiple states in relation to these crimes. MidJersey.News has reached out to the FBI and other agencies for comment but public press information is not available yet. This is a major developing story.

See Updated MidJersey.News story here: 58 Arrested and Charged in Mercer County in Multi-Jurisdictional ATM Theft Scam

UPDATE: 20 Arrested And Charged In Hamilton In Multi-Jurisdiction ATM Scam

See this morning’s MidJersey.News breaking news story here: BREAKING: Police and FBI Investigating Multi-State ATM Robberies, Many Subjects Are In Custody More Actively Being Arrested

August 18, 2020

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP-ROBBINSVILLE TOWNSHIP-HAMILTON TOWNSHIP-LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–This afternoon several police vehicles descended on Independence Plaza Shopping Mall on Broad Street in the area of the Santander Bank. It is believed to be related to the ATM robberies that span from NY to PA and were on going until at least late this afternoon.

Another Hamilton Township Santander location on Nottingham Way was hit around 5 pm where police have at least five in custody. The suspects were apprehended on Nottingham Way near Clifford Avenue the vehicle was impounded.

This afternoon Robbinsville Police remained busy at the Robbinsville Santander location. Around 1:30 pm another attempt with the ATM machine at that location the suspect fled in a white vehicle.

Sources say that up to nine people were arrested at the Hopewell Township location today after at least three different attempts to gain money from the Santander on Route 31.

The Santander in Lawrence police activity at that location also.

MidJersey.News is providing these reports from on scene reporting, radio reports and other sources. No public information has been made available yet, once available the story will be updated.

Rep. Chris Smith Steps Up Oversight of JCP&L After Public Push by Mayor Dave Fried in Wake of Isaias Response

August 18, 2020

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–Rep. Chris Smith has stepped up oversight of Jersey Central Power and Light’s responces to recent storms in the area. Mayor David Fried has also been pushing for better responses by the electric utility company in the wake of storm Isaias. You can read the full letters below:

Rep. Smith on USPS Postmaster General’s reversal of proposed changes

August 18, 2020

FREEHOLD, NJ (MONMOUTH)–Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), who has been pushing for more assistance for United States Postal Service (USPS) workers since April to address the myriad of COVID-19 challenges they face, welcomed today’s announcement by the USPS Postmaster General to reverse his proposed changes that could have negatively impacted postal operations.

   “I am grateful that the Postmaster General has reversed course on the proposed changes. And while I am glad for the postponement, we still need and I continue to support increased funding to help stabilize the Postal Service and ensure it can properly process the surge of ballots expected this fall.”

   Smith noted that in New Jersey, the July primary was conducted mainly through the vote-by-mail process (VBM), as will the general election–even though county clerks, county governing bodies, and the post office have expressed serious concerns about a November VBM.

   “I share those concerns but we must be committed and determined to protect the integrity of the voting process,” he said. “During the COVID-19 restrictions we are living under, if we are going to have a secure, vote-by-mail election, our Nation needs a robust and healthy United States Postal Service.

     “For months I have been pressing postal officials and congressional leadership for added support and an appropriation of at least $25 billion for the Postal Service to alleviate some of the strain and help us meet the new demands, including the expected influx of ballots. We must provide the funding and equipment needed to allow postal workers to do their jobs, and that includes processing voters’ ballots.

    “Putting the brakes on this ill-conceived plan was a good decision, but we have to do more. In the midst of the pandemic the Postal Service has proven again to be a steadfast presence in our neighborhoods, delivering medicines, checks, food items and more.

   “I continue to believe we must not shortchange USPS operations and must work together to ensure that the USPS, and the brave men and women on the frontlines of postal operations, are fully supported in their work which is fundamental to our economy and democracy.”

BREAKING: Police and FBI Investigating Multi-State ATM Robberies, Many Subjects Are In Custody More Actively Being Arrested

August 18, 2020

See Updated MidJersey.News story here: 58 Arrested and Charged in Mercer County in Multi-Jurisdictional ATM Theft Scam

UPDATE: 20 Arrested And Charged In Hamilton In Multi-Jurisdiction ATM Scam

UPDATE: Additional Santander Bank ATMs Hit In Mercer County

BREAKING NEWS REPORT: This if from unofficial radio reports, on scene reporting, witnesses and other sourced information, once official information is released story will be updated and any corrections made.

ROBBINSVILLE-HAMILTON TOWNSHIP-PRINCETON-HOPEWELL, NJ (MERCER)–From New York though New Jersey and even into Pennsylvania numerous suspects are under arrest for robbing ATM machines.

This morning in Robbinsville several were arrested at the Santander Bank ATM and taken into custody.

In Hamilton Township this afternoon a vehicle with NY plates was stopped and several were under arrest on Yardville-Hamilton Square Road by the 195 overpass. Sources tell MidJersey.News that this is related but MidJersey.News has not been able to confirm the arrests and if it is related.

Hopewell Township on Route 31 there is police activity at a Santander Bank and a foot chase, with reported four in custody. One of the suspects has reportedly assaulted a Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office Detective.

On Princeton Pike a black sedan bearing a NY registration was being sought after.

Unofficial radio reports that so far $76,000. have been stolen from ATM machines, from Princeton, Hopewell, Hamilton and Robbinsville.

In Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County at least one Santander Bank ATM was hit in that township and one vehicle was stopped in Randolph, NJ and a firearm was recovered.

This is still a very fluid situation, the investigation is very active and arrests are continuing to be made at the time of this report. Further details to follow.

MidJersey.News has reached out to several police departments and county prosecutor’s offices and has been told to reach out to the FBI for comment. has reached out to contacts at the Newark FBI office and waiting for a reply with official information. Once updated MidJersey.News will update the story.

Police activity sources say that is related to the multi-state ATM robberies, several are under arrest at Yardville-Hamilton Square Road and the I-195 overpass. Faces are blacked out since we can not confirm with any official sources that these are suspects in the ATM robberies.