North Brunswick Police Trying To Identify “Mr. Quick-Change”

August 26, 2020

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–North Brunswick Detectives are looking to identify the below pictured male known as “Mr. Quick-Change”.

He is wanted for entering local big box retailers on multiple occasions and performing a “quick-change scam”.

When at the register, he places 2 items of small value on the counter and shows a $100 bill to the cashier.

Midway through the transaction, he would ask for the $100 bill back, once given the $100 back he then shows the cashier coins, in attempt to represent his intent to pay in exact change.

This back and forth is designed to intentionally mislead the cashier into providing more change than deserved, which has lead to a $90+ theft each time.

If you can identify this individual please contact:
Det. Strzykalski
732.247.0922 x 331

You can remain anonymous.