New Jersey Task Force 1 Deploys to Louisiana in Response to Hurricane Laura

See updated story here: NJ Task Force 1 Returns Home From Hurricane Laura

80 Members of NJ-TFT1 left NJ early this morning deploying to Baton Rouge, Louisiana

August 27, 2020 Update August 29, 2020

NJ-TF1 Update🇺🇸

In response to Hurricane Laura, FEMA has adjusted the federal response to meet local needs.

NJ-TF1 has received demobilization orders and begun the process of heading home.

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New Jersey Task Force 1 (NJ-TF1) has been activated as members of the National Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Response System and will be deploying to assist with the rescue and recovery efforts resulting from the effects of Hurricane Laura.

NJ-TF1 deployed as a Type 1 Team consisting of 80 team members, three tractor-trailers, two box trucks, five F-450 utility vehicles, two crew carriers, an F-250 towing vehicle, two passenger vans, two utility terrain vehicles, and a fleet service truck. A water rescue component of six boats with trailers and a water support trailer were also deployed.

NJ-TF1 is en route to the current staging area in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This will be the team’s seventh deployment as a FEMA US&R Team.

The team is en route to their current destination of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in response to Hurricane Laura.

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