Re-Opening Day At Big Snow American Dream

September 1, 2020

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ (BERGEN)–Today was the re-opening of Big Snow since Governor’s Murphy’s executive order closing gyms, health clubs and indoor amusements due to COVID-19.

Big Snow is an indoor ski resort located at American Dream Mall next to Met Life Stadium in the Meadowlands. It is North America’s first and only indoor, real-snow, year-round ski and snow resort.

When arriving today at Big Snow you can tell that COVID-19 precautions were in place, limited ticket sales limiting entry, temperature checks prior to entry, workers behind protective barriers during check in and extra cleaning witnessed during the visit. Every employee and customer had to wear face masks while in the venue.

The Big Express Quad was temporarily closed to be sanitized and skiers and snowboarders rode the Poma lift while that process was completed. Each chair, bar and rest was sprayed and wiped down with a disinfectant.

A storage locker comes with your entry ticket, each locker is sanitized and has a card that you remove once you use it, letting staff know the locker needs to be cleaned for the next person.

The temperature inside Big Snow is kept at 28F and is a nice relief to the warm temperatures outside.

Big Snow is perfect for beginners since a “Snow Day” package includes everything you need to get started. The bonus to learn in this environment is that you don’t have to deal with possible unfavorable snow conditions to learn on in an outdoor environment in winter. The snow inside Big Snow is well maintained at a constant temperature keeping it perfect for learning.

For the skiier or snowboarder that already owns their own equipment they may want to purchase a “Slope Access” ticket or 6 pack of tickets for a better value.

For those who don’t like to ski, snowboard or just looking to mix it up there is a “Sno-Go Bikes” package.

If you live in the Tri-State area and looking for some off season winter fun indoors give Big Snow a try for something different. It is the only venue of its kind in North America.

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