Hamilton Township Announces Residential Tree Planting Initiative

September 2, 2020

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–Hamilton Township will be offering free shade trees to Hamilton Township residents.

The residential tree planting initiative is due to the efforts of the Hamilton Township Shade Tree Commission. Over the next three years, Hamilton will spend over $1 million to remove dead and dying trees and plant new trees around town.  The program is funded by private developers that pay into an escrow fund when trees are removed from properties under construction and, under the law, can only be used for this purpose. While the Township takes requests for new curbside trees year round, we are ramping up our efforts to reach all Hamilton Township residents on a neighborhood by neighborhood level. 

“We applaud Mayor Martin and the Hamilton Township Council for their efforts to provide free shade trees to the residents of Hamilton,” said Henry Gajda, Policy Director New Jersey LCV. “We know that local shade trees provide a litany of benefits, like increasing property values, improving soil and water conservation, storing carbon and helping moderate local climate. We encourage the residents of Hamilton to reach out to the Hamilton Township Division of Planning to participate in this great, free initiative.”

The Township plans to have the trees planted in curbside planting beds so that they will not interfere with sidewalks or utility lines.  While there is no cost to residents for the trees, the Township asks that residents jointly care for the tree in the first three years of growth.

“Planting new trees throughout Hamilton, at no cost to our residents, is a win-win,” said Mayor Jeff Martin.  Healthy trees provide environmental benefits such as cleaner air and cooler temperatures for homes they help shade – helping to lower energy consumption.  Additionally, healthy trees improve property values by improving the appearance of a property. I want to thank the Hamilton’s Shade Tree Commission, Department of Public Works, and the Department of Community & Economic Development for spearheading this initiative, all at no cost to our residents.”

Residents seeking to bring more green into their neighborhood may contact the Division of Planning at (609) 890-3645 or via email at RPoppert@HamiltonNJ.com