Monmouth Mobile Home Park Creating Community Garden, Delivering Free Food to Residents During COVID-19

September 4, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–The Monmouth Mobile Home Park has created a garden to help provide nutritious food to help families who are struggling during COVID-19. 

According to a recent Monmouth University Poll, “the coronavirus outbreak has made a major impact on the lives of 7 in 10 New Jersians.” As New Jersey residents grapple with the economic fallout from the coronavirus due to layoffs and furloughs, many families are unable to access safe, nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. 

“The staff at Monmouth Mobile Home Park will be harvesting fresh vegetables and delivering ‘farm baskets’ to residents free of charge,” said Dan Mandell, manager of Monmouth Mobile Home Park. “Our focus is on feeding families and encouraging healthy eating during these uncertain times.” 

Monmouth Mobile Home Park started the community garden program last year and it was a huge success.  “We want to do everything we can to give back to the community and we really thought that providing nutritious food was a great way to do this,” Mandell said.  In light of what was going on in N.J. and the country, the program was expanded this year to try to feed as many people as possible.  The Park has also worked in conjunction with the South Brunswick Food Pantry and also Patel Brothers Market to get food to anyone who might need it.

It can be difficult for families to cope with the stress of being quarantined, out of a job, while taking care of their loved ones. This drastic change in our daily routines often increases anxiety and disrupts health eating habits. It’s easier to reach for a favorite salty snack or raid the cookie jar because of boredom or feeling on edge, however processed foods lack much nutritional value and can leave us feeling worse. 

According to a recent article published by the Harvard Medical School, “certain nutrients in foods have been shown to reduce anxiety or spur the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin or dopamine” which increases our moods. When people are stressed out it actually worsens feelings of depression or anxiety and it suppresses our immune system. Therefore, eating more vegetables may have a dual effect – it will increase our mood and boost our immunity. 

Monmouth Mobile Home Park prides itself on its strong feelings of community spirit and its engaging staff are immersed in community events and are active members of township activities. The MMHP enjoys a convenient location located near the flourishing commercial district, which offers both entertainment and job opportunities.