DCA Local Finance Board Approves Dissolution Of Fire Districts # 1 through 9 In Hamilton Township

September 9, 2020 updated 5:00 pm

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–Today the Department of Community Affairs, Local Finace Board approved the dissolution of Fire Districts 1 though 9 in Hamilton Township.

11:30 AM Hamilton Township
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Proposed Dissolution of Fire Districts #1-9

Hamilton Township will now move forward to become one fire department under management of Hamilton Township instead of multiple fire districts.

Local Finance Board Approves Hamilton Fire Consolidation

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–The Department of Community Affairs’ Local Finance Board unanimously approves Hamilton Township fire service consolidation.

Under current structure, Hamilton fire services are comprised of nine, autonomous fire districts. Each of the nine districts is governed by five elected commissioners and have their own individual budgets.  Under the proposal submitted before the Local Finance Board today, all nine districts would be consolidated and become part of a newly formed Hamilton Township Fire Department funded by municipal taxes.

The process to consolidate the fire districts has been one the Township has considered for over twenty years with the most recent proposal beginning in 2015. This proposal has faced many setbacks of the last five years, but remained one of the top priorities for Mayor Jeff Martin’s administration.

“With today’s approval by the State, we are one step closer to having one Hamilton Township Fire Department in early 2021,” stated Mayor Jeff Martin. “In an unprecedented year of economic difficulties, consolidation could save the township, and therefore our residents, roughly $1.5 million a year in reduced fire service costs all while keeping the same number of fire houses and firefighters.  This is an extraordinary moment in both Hamilton and New Jersey history. I want to thank all that have worked to make this happen including Governor Murphy and his administration, our Legislative leaders – Senator Greenstein, Assemblyman DeAngelo, and Assemblyman Benson, our Township Council, our fire consolidation subcommittee members including — Councilman Pat Papero, Jr., Councilman Anthony Carabelli, Jr., Mark Murranko, Joe Monzo, Chief Richard Kraemer, Scott Goldsmith, Nick Buroczi, Shane Mull, Richard Braslow, and all of the Hamilton Firefighters.

“Creating a unified Hamilton Fire Department through the dissolution of Hamilton’s 9 fire districts is a challenging, forward-thinking initiative that has been years in the making. The scope and impact of this effort are substantial, and its success reflects the strong local partnership among all participants,” said Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver, who serves as Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs. “DCA congratulates Hamilton on receiving LFB approval to move this project forward today, and looks forward to continuing to support their efforts through the January 1 transition date. More broadly, the Murphy Administration and DCA stand ready to partner with all local governments in New Jersey to help them develop initiatives that result in more efficient services and taxpayer savings.”

“This is a great step forward in ensuring our firefighters have the ability to continue their excellent quality of service to our community,” said Senator Linda Greenstein. “I commend the work of the Martin Administration and our Hamilton Firefighters who worked so hard to find a workable plan.”

“I’m thrilled that the Local Finance Board has approved the Hamilton’s fire consolidation proposal,” commented Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo.  “This is an important step in securing a more responsive and effective fire service that will save taxpayers money. I look forward to seeing this continue moving forward so that we can improve the safety and well-being of Hamiltonians in every neighborhood.”

“From standing in front of Rusling Hose Fire Company three years ago to now, I have believed that the time is right to have a strong Township wide uniform fire service,” stated Assembly Dan Benson. “It’s safer for our residents, as well as, the firefighters serving us in harm’s way.  Just as importantly, it makes economic sense in the long run to ensure that all Hamilton residents receive the same high level of service regardless of their zip code. Congratulations to the Mayor and Council on this important milestone achieved through their hard work. “

“When Hamilton’s firefighters took on the consolidation effort nearly four years ago they did so with a goal of making their community safer,” Eddie Donnelly, President of the NJFMBA said. “Today’s result is a testament to the positive things that can happen when labor and management work together. Consolidation will make Hamilton safer for our firefighters and the residents they serve, and that makes Hamilton an even better community to call home.”

The Local Finance Board approved the application by a unanimous vote of 7-0. The next step would be coordination with the Civil Service Commission for organizational transfer of all current fire district employees.

Statement by the Hamilton Township Professional Firefighters, FMBA Locals 84 & 284

Today will go down in history for Hamilton Township. Over five years ago, our members took on the the important task of trying to consolidate the antiquated fire districts. With support from many, we were able to obtain over 10,000 signatures from residents who felt the same as we did. Today, the Local Finance Board lead by Director Walters, gave Hamilton Township the approval to move forward. We would like to thank Mayor Jeff Martin for his tireless effort and leadership. We would also like to thank Councilman Papero, Councilman Tighe, Councilwoman Phillips, Councilman Carabelli, Councilman Whalen, and former Councilwomen Schirmer for their effort. Without a team effort today doesn’t happen. Hamilton Township will be safer place live, work, and play because of the effort by so many.