Continuing Coverage: Trenton Mayor Releases Statement On Last Night’s Shooting Of Children In Their Home

Last night’s MidJersey.News story here:

BREAKING: Two Trenton Children 8 yr. and 16 yr., Murdered As Suspect(s) Open Fire On Home

October 21, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–See Mayor Gusciora’s statement below:

Statement from Mayor Gusciora:

Late last night, two brothers- one 16, the other just 8 – were murdered in their home.

I’m stunned by this act of cowardice and complete disregard for human life. I’m outraged. God only knows how the family must feel. My heart breaks for their loss, and I’m sorry that this city’s reckless violence has claimed the lives of those so young.

Earlier this year we reached out to our community when two children playing in a park were injured in a shooting. We asked for more unity against violent crime. We asked for more witnesses to come forward. We asked for more parents to get involved.

We’re still asking. We are going to ask and ask and keep asking until more of us stand up against the violence. Until more of us refuse to ignore what’s going on in our neighborhoods.

It’s time for this city to treat an assault on one of our residents – on one of our children – as an assault on us all, so that any person who recklessly endangers the life of another will find no shelter or support within Trenton.

We want a city where it’s not just our cameras or patrols that criminals should worry about, but the watchful eye of every resident that wants a neighborhood where their children can play safety.

And we won’t rest until we have it. We are going to do everything we can to make this right.

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