Trenton Cats Rescue Hold Halloween Adoption Event at The Healthy Animal of Robbinsville

October 31, 2020

Story and photo gallery 1 by Tyler Eckel

ROBBINSVILLE-HAMILTON, NJ (MERCER)–Trenton Cats Rescue (TCR) and The Healthy Animal of Robbinsville held a cat adoption event this Saturday, October 31. Volunteers of Trenton Cats Rescue showed up to the event in their Halloween costumes, encouraging others to tag along. 

It all started when members of “Trenton Trappers” and volunteers from the Trenton Animal Shelter combined and formed Trenton Cats Rescue. TCR is an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue group that serves the greater Trenton area, with a 30-35 mile radius from Trenton. With the help of Trenton Cats Rescue, the Trenton Animal Shelter is now a no-kill shelter, unless Euthanized for medical reasons. Currently, TCR has around 80 active foster homes, and just under 300 cats and kittens in the rescue.

Just this year alone, TCR has had an intake of just under 800 cats. Over 660 of those cats have since been adopted, beating last year’s record of 611. Despite Trenton Animal Shelter being closed for over three months, 23 percent of TCR’s adoptions came from the shelter. Because of the COVID shutdown, that record has yet to be broken from 2019’s record of 51.5 percent.

Today, 17 cats and kittens were adopted at The Healthy Animal.
Trenton Cats Rescue also has a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program. TNR is a method for attempting to humanely and effectively manage feral cats. So far, Trenton Cats Rescue has TNRed over 400 cats this year. They also have a resident assist program. This program helps area residents who don’t have the means to get their animals the medical attention they need. It consisted of neutering/spaying cats, dental work, shots and vaccines, and more. Their goal with this program is “to prevent cats that are happy in a home from being surrendered.” In 2020, the residence assist program has provided to 93 animals.

Besides TCR making Trenton Animal Shelter a no-kill shelter, they also assist in vetting the animals. The animal shelter does not have a licensed veterinarian, which is needed for most medical procedures on animals. TCR will do snap tests, neuter/spay, vaccines, etc. They also microchip all of the cats. 

Trenton Cats Rescue, in close conjunction with Trenton Animals Rock (TAR), are working on a proposal for the City to help transform their “tiny” animal shelter into something that the Capital could be extremely proud of.
TCR is selling masks at The Healthy Animal for $20. These masks are handmade, washable, reversible, and have elastic ear loops. All money goes directly to Trenton Cats Rescue. Photos of masks are provided below.
You could also donate to TCR on their website:

Trenton Cats Rescue would also like to give a big thank you to The Healthy Animal of Robbinsville for all the help they have provided since they opened.