Dancer Bill Allowing NJ Residents To Bet From Other States Now Law

November 6, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–New Jersey residents can now place bets on horse races even when they are out of state. 
Gov. Phil Murphy on Friday signed legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Ron Dancer (A2355) that allows residents to place wagers using New Jersey’s account wagering system while in another state. 
“All New Jersey residents should be allowed to place wagers on horse racing no matter where they are, whether it’s online or through an agency,” stated Dancer (R-Ocean). “With the changes in technology, our access to place wagers has changed and the law should reflect those changes. It’s also critical we do everything we can do to keep our staple industries afloat during and after the coronavirus pandemic.” 
The Assembly voted 73-0 on the bill in June, and last month the state Senate passed it with a 35-0 vote.