Hamilton Township Council Approves Propane Support Program

Program will Help Reimburse Local Restaurants for the Cost of Outdoor Heaters

November 18, 2020

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–On Tuesday, November 17th, the Hamilton Township Council approved the creation of the Hamilton Township Propane Support Program to assist local restaurants with heating costs.

With this new program, funded by the Community Development Block Grant, the Township has made $20,000 available to help assist restaurants with the purchase and refilling of propane tanks. While outdoor dining has been a successful solution to prohibited or greatly reduced indoor dining, we quickly see temperatures dropping as we enter into late Fall and Winter. As such, many restaurants have invested in propane heaters to extend their outdoor dining season, but have found the expense to be cost prohibitive.

Through a partnership with Yardville Supply Company and Mercer Ace Hardware, the Township will be able to supply these tanks at a discounted rate, and allow restaurants to refill these tanks for the same price.

“The Propane Support Program is yet another innovative way for Hamilton to connect with our local restaurants and provide them with financial resources during these challenging times,” said Mayor Martin.  “I would like to thank Mercer Ace Hardware and Yardville Supply for partnering with us on this project and extend my thanks to Director of Community and Economic Development Fred Dumont for his tireless work communicating with our businesses during these challenging times and for continuing to find new and creative ways to support our Township businesses.”

“Council supports the Mayor’s action,” said Council President Richard Tighe. “Thank you to Yardville Supply and Ace Hardware for joining this effort. This is another example of how our community continues to come together to help each other through these tough times.”

Restaurants must register with the Township to express their interest in participating in this program. To send notification of interest, please email kkane@hamiltonnj.com with the following information: the name of the business, contact information (name, phone, email), and an approximate number of tanks this business typically goes through in a week.