Police Union’s “No Shave November” Raises $9,660 For Robbinsville Child With Cancer

December 3, 2020

ROBBINSVILLE TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–The members of the Robbinsville Township Police Department PBA #344 have been running a “No Shave November” for years. Officers normally are clean shaven, but during the month of November, they are allowed to grow a beard with a donation to a fund that raises money for a good cause. This year, they were joined with the East Windsor Township Police PBA #192, Hopewell Police PBA #342, and Cranbury Police PBA #405, to raise money for Tyler Odman who has a rare stage 4 cancer called Hepatoblastoma.

The collective efforts of the four Police Benevolent Associations of Robbinsville, East Windsor, Hopewell and Cranbury raised $9,660 so far. Tonight, a check was presented to the family at the Robbinsville Township Police Station.

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Police And Firefighters Have Siren Parade To Support Child With Stage 4 Cancer

A “siren parade” was held for Tyler on September 25, 2020 where police, fire and EMS departments from Mercer County and Middlesex County showed their support.

As some of you may already know, Heather and Jason’s world has been shifted and forever changed by the recent cancer diagnosis for their son Tyler. Doctors  recently found a tumor on Tyler’s liver called Hepatoblastoma.

In early July, Tyler was having fevers and not feeling well. After 3 weeks of him not feeling well, his parents decided to take him to the hospital for additional testing. In the hospital, the doctors ordered an ultrasound for his abdomen. It was there that they learned Tyler had a mass on his liver.

That night Tyler was transferred to CHOP. Tyler quickly had blood work, MRI and CT scans, a PET scan, and a biopsy of his liver. On August 17, 2020 it was confirmed that Tyler’s tumor was Hepatoblastoma. He started chemotherapy soon after his diagnosis.

Fortunately, the scans have shown that the cancer is isolated to Tyler’s liver. Tyler has one very large mass, and several other masses all over his liver, which classifies his cancer as stage IV. Chemotherapy will be the beginning of Tyler’s journey. He will require a future surgery, followed by more chemotherapy. 

Tyler has been a rockstar at every single doctors appointment and chemotherapy treatment. He loves to help the doctors and nurses. When he is home from treatment, he enjoys playing outside with his twin brother Chase, eating Chinese food, and chips. 

Heather and Jason have a long road ahead to ensure that Tyler receives the best treatment. He has a busy schedule between blood work appointments, physical therapy, chemotherapy, and various hospital stays. Heather has already taken a leave of absence from work in order to care for Tyler and support his treatment. 

Tyler is a strong little boy, and Heather and Jay are the best parents he could possibly have, who will fight alongside him. That being said, they can’t do this alone! So many people have asked how they can help, right now –  this is it. The donations will help with covering insurance costs, medical bills, physical therapy copays, prescription costs, meals at the hospital, gas, tolls, and coffee for mom and dad.  Any donation will help take some of the burden that comes along with extensive medical treatment, so they can focus on Tyler and Chase.

Although this type of cancer is rare, it is treatable and curable. Tyler has a wonderful team of doctors at CHOP. Tyler has a long road ahead of him, but his positive attitude keeps everyone going each day.  Tyler is our super hero!!!

Please keep Tyler in your prayers. All the continued support you can offer will be forever appreciated by the Odman Family.

Heather, Jason, Tyler, and Chase