Robbinsville: Do you want to cut the cord with your current internet service provider? Take the survey

December 18, 2020

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–With numerous complaints about Optimum Internet service Robbinsville Township is seeking to possibly contract with another alternative provider for Internet service. Robbinsville is asking residents to take an survey to see if there would be interest in the alternative provider.

Alternative Internet Survey link here:

As a resident of Robbinsville, if the Township had the ability to contract with a reputable outside vendor to deliver secure, 150Mbps internet service, which included in-home WiFi, to sections of town currently impacted by inadequate internet would you sign up for such a service?
The cost would be approximately $50 per-month, per-home all-in with no extra taxes or modem/router rental fees. (Note: The provider would only supply internet service, not cable TV). 

1.Would you switch from your current internet service provider to a new provider that delivered a secure, 150Mbps internet service, which included in-home WiFi, for approximately $50 per-month if you had that option?

From Mayor Dave Fried:

Tonight, I briefed Township Council about the possibility of bringing in another internet service provider to compete with Optimum/Altice since that is where the vast majority of complaints to my office originate. We’ve heard you loud and clear … and we want to help! This would be a private public partnership and it is outside the box thinking, so we want to move carefully. I don’t take this move lightly. but I feel we have exhausted all of our options. Assuming we get favorable feedback we will be rolling out more information about the company and what they can provide and when they can provide it. This company has an outstanding reputation for providing secure, 150Mbps in-home internet via Wi-Fi and outstanding customer service to its customers. It would cost approximately $50 per month, per household and it would be for internet only (no cable TV, but you would be able to stream on your Smart TV). We have been assured there are no hidden fees or taxes, and you would not have to pay extra to rent your modem/router. We will be putting out a survey sometime tomorrow gauging your interest in this idea in a Newsfeed poll, the Township Facebook page and on the website at We would very much appreciate your feedback!