Isa Court In Sharon Mews Evacuated Due To Gas Main Struck

December 29, 2020

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–An electrical contractor working on an electrical service ruptured a 2″ gas line to a residence on Isa Court around 12:30 pm, causing a natural gas leak. Robbinsville Police and Robbinsville Fire Department responded and found a large quantity of gas coming from the contractor’s excavation. Homes were evacuated due to several gas readings in several houses on the street. Police and firefighters notified PSE&G of the seriousness of the gas leak and they responded with a large crew to shut the gas off and make repairs. The PSE&G gas crew wore supplied air lines and flame proof suits to enter the hole to shut the gas off. Robbinsville firefighters stood by wearing air packs until the gas was shut down. PSE&G was able to control the gas leak in about 15 minutes after arrival.

Prior to letting residents back into their homes PSE&G will have to check all the homes to make sure that any gas that did get in dissipated. Electric service was also shut down to several homes on the court until repairs were completed.

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