Robbinsville Board of Education Appoints New Members

The Robbinsville Board of Education is pleased to announce the swearing in of Maxine Fox and appointments of Jai Gulati and Tanya Lehmann.

February 6, 2021

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)-Ms. Maxine Fox was elected in the November 2020 election and began serving her term in January 2021.  Fox was officially sworn in on January 13, 2021, she will serve a three year term.

Additionally, at the January reorganization meeting the members of the Board of Education elected Vito Galluccio to serve as president and Christopher Emigholz to serve as Vice President.

The selection of Mr. Jai Gulati and Ms. Tanya Lehmann will fill the unexpired terms of Shaina Ciaccio and Craig Heilman who resigned in December 2020. Both names will be placed on the ballot in November 2021; one for a three-year term and the other for a one-year unexpired term.

Mr. Gulati is Technology Leader at Regeneron Pharmaceutical. His professional background is in the fields of information technology, operations, and program and project management. Passionate about education, Julati has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. He has been a Robbinsville Township resident since 2005. Mr. Gulati has three daughters – two who attended Robbinsville Township schools and one who will enter Kindergarten in 2024. He volunteers his time as a member of the Robbinsville Township Diwali organizing committee and a coach with the Robbinsville Soccer Association.

Ms. Leymann has been a teacher since 1993. She is a teacher and student advocate with a passion for facilitating quality education that is equitable, inclusive, and which celebrates diversity and special needs. Ms. Lehmann currently teaches 8th grade language arts at Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg University and a master’s from Rutgers University. She is an active volunteer with the PTA and a past president of the Robbinsville MOMS Club.

“We believe Ms. Lehman and Mr. Gulati will be tremendous additions to our Board of Education,” said Robbinsville Board of Education president, Vito Galluccio.  “Both Ms. Lehman and Mr. Gulati offer tremendous experience and will bring a diverse set of views, skills and insight as our board strives to make Robbinsville Schools even better, now and in the future. With the pandemic impacting the ways that our schools operate each day we will all work together to continue encouraging the district’s leadership to find a path towards offering a safe, fully in-person experience for those students who want it.”

Robbinsville Schools Superintendent, Brian Betze, said, “we are excited to have new members join the board and have a variety of experience and knowledge that they can share and help us work on our long-term goals. Robbinsville like all schools in the County and State are facing a myriad of challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to working with them now and in the months to come as we work to navigate the on-going short-term challenges and continue to make progress on our long-term goals. The administration looks forward to working with the board in 2021.”

The Robbinsville Board of Education is made up of nine members. Three Board seats are filled through a community election each year for a term of three years. The vacancies left by Ms. Ciaccio and Mr. Heilman were announced by Board Secretary Nick Mackres. Residents were invited to submit an application by noon on February 3, 2021. Applications were considered at a special meeting of the Board of Education help at 5:00 pm that same day.