Robbinsville Night Off 2021 Is A Success

March 3, 2021

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–Robbinsville Night Off was held tonight. According to the website Robbinsville Night Off is a chance to take advantage of a night of no homework and options for activities that allow you to enjoy an evening filled with family togetherness. The program is presented by Robbinsville Township Schools and the Robbinsville Township Recreation Department.

Several Township organizations and businesses come together to provide a fun relaxing night allowing people to get out and relax enjoy family and give back to the community.

Demonstrations were held at the Robbinsville Township Police Department and Robbinsville Township Fire Department. A Walk For Families In Mercer County was held at the gazebo.

One Project’s event sold out and had 65 families participate in an event to decorate and pack 1,300 snack bags for children. All snack bags will be donated directly to local Mercer County nonprofit organizations and Mercer County school districts to help in the fight against child food insecurity.

Mercer County Library System provided science kits that were available for pickup at the library.

People attending the events were required to wear masks and social distance.

Robbinsville Night Off Website

At the Robbinsville Police Department officers simulated a crime scene and explained how the process it. There were several demonstrations including ballistic processing, fingerprint lift, DNA collection and how blood is collected and other police equipment is used. The Robbinsville Township Police Department Bike Unit discussed bike safety tips.

The Robbinsville Township Professional Fire Firefighters Association, IAFF Local # 3786 used $10,500.00 of donations from the Union’s annual fund drive to purchase a Lion BullEx Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Training System The Intellegent Training System uses a propane prop to simulate a fire you would extinguish with a fire extinguisher. The new prop is not only safer but also environmentally friendly compared to the old way of burning a gasoline and diesel fuel mix. The extinguishers use a water spray that can be refilled on the spot and eliminate the usual messy cleanup after a fire extinguisher demonstration.