Statements from County Executive Hughes and Mayor Martin on Johnson & Johnson vaccine availability in Mercer County

March 5, 2021

By: Tyler Eckel

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP (MERCER)– Mayor Jeff Martin and County Executive Brian Hughes release the below statements after visiting a Johnson & Johnson vaccination clinic held by the Hamilton Township Health Department at the Alvin E. Gershen Apartments.

Expressing his gratitude, County Executive Hughes stated, “just a week ago the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine received emergency use approval, and I thank the Biden Administration and Gov. Phil Murphy for laying a glide path to reach our most vulnerable Mercer County residents. We are committed to ensuring that every eligible adult receives their vaccine, and I thank Mayor Martin for his collaboration in helping us complete our mission.”

“I am grateful to all who made it possible – from President Biden to Governor Murphy and County Executive Hughes – for New Jersey’s own Johnson & Johnson vaccine to become available so quickly after emergency authorization by the FDA,” stated Mayor Jeff Martin.  “The quick turnaround made it possible for our local health department staff to organize 200 of our Hamilton seniors to get vaccinated today – all without having to leave their residence.  As more J&J vaccine becomes available, our staff plans to rotate vaccination clinics throughout our local senior complexes.  The single-dose vaccination being added as a weapon in this fight makes the light at the end of the tunnel in this pandemic that much closer.”