Update: Power Being Restored Robbinsville And East Windsor

April 7, 2021

ROBBINSVILLE-EAST WINDSOR, NJ (MERCER)–At 8:30 am the Robbinsville Township Police Department and Robbinsville Township Fire Department were dispatched to Route 130 in the Windsor section of town for a transformer issue. JCP&L has contacted the Robbinsville Township Police Department and is aware of the problem and has technicians en route.

JCP&L 24/7 Power Center is reporting 1,178 customers estimated without power in the area.

Robbinsville Police and NJ State DOT are working on helping with traffic at intersections until power can be restored. Please use caution in the are since there is no power to several traffic lights on Route 130 in the East Windsor-Robbinsville area served by JCP&L

At 9:03 am JCP&L is on scene and investigating the power failure

At 9:15 am JCP&L has found the issue by Fulton Bank and is working on the power problem.

At 10:20 am power is being restored. Several fire alarms in the area have sounded and the Robbinsville Township Fire Department, Hamilton Township Fire Department, and East Windsor Fire Company are responding to several alarms in the area.

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