First Bank Announces Participation in the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee To Support Youth Financial Education

Financial Literacy Month student challenge equips young people with money management skills and supports remote learning

April 13, 2021

HAMILTON, NJ (MERCER)–First Bank announced that it is sponsoring the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee, taking place April 1-15, 2021. The EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee is a nationwide financial literacy challenge for high school students.

As families across the country are struggling financially in the wake of the pandemic, from unemployment to career shifts to a reduction in income, the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee provides an opportunity for students to learn the critical importance of saving and budgeting for short-term and long-term financial goals.

The virtual challenge, created by social impact education innovator EVERFI, and supported by leading financial institutions nationwide, features four short digital lessons followed by a capstone essay contest in which students ages 13-18 in the United States and Canada share a short-term or long-term savings goal and outline their plan to achieve that goal. Winners of the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee will receive a total of $20,000 in college scholarships.

“In these times of financial uncertainty for many Americans, First Bank is especially committed to engaging its communities, increasing financial literacy, and driving impactful change,” said Patrick L. Ryan, First Bank President and CEO. “We are proud to be supporting parents and students at this time through the Financial Literacy Bee and hope it will help drive dinner-table conversations about important financial topics.”

By competing in the challenge, participating students will gain new skills to create a personalized financial decision-making framework that they can apply to their lives now and in the future. Topics include how to save, set financial goals, budget, and invest.

“The pandemic has shone a bright light on the financial vulnerability of most Americans, with 40 percent of American consumers reporting that they had trouble paying at least one bill or expense in 2020,” said Ray Martinez, co-founder and president, EVERFI. “We’ve always been committed to helping students increase their financial literacy, and during this historic time, we are also working to help parents feel more comfortable having dinner-table conversations about money. The Financial Literacy Bee is a fun way for students to learn important strategies to increase savings.”

In addition to supporting the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee, First Bank works with EVERFI to provide schools-based financial education to elementary, middle, and high schools across their New Jersey and Pennsylvania communities.

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