Lakewood Barricaded Man That Reportedly Attacked And Injured 2 Police Officers In Custody

UPDATE: Barricaded Man Charged With Attempted Murder On 2 Police Officers And Other Offences In 8 Hour Lakewood Standoff Last Night

April 18, 2021

By Ryan Mack, Jersey Shore Fire Response

LAKEWOOD, NJ (OCEAN)–Early last night Lakewood Police Department responded to a mentally unstable man acting unstable. When police officers arrived the suspect allegedly attacked two police officers with a large machete type or similar knife. Two police officers were reportedly injured by the man before he barricaded himself in his apartment.

Several area SWAT teams assembled and arrived on scene. The man held a stand-off for 9 hours when police SWAT teams used pepper balls or other type chemical to help remove the disturbed barricaded man. The suspect was removed and placed in custody.

The two police officers that were cut and were transported to the hospital required stiches for their injures., The injured officers are reported to be in stable condition according to sources.

This is a breaking news report from on scene and witness reports. When we receive official information from the OCPO or Lakewood Police the story will be updated and any corrections made.

Ryan Mack, Jersey Shore Fire Response