TPD Asks for Public’s Help to Prevent Auto Theft

April 29, 2021

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Trenton Police Director Sheilah A. Coley is asking for the public’s help in preventing auto thefts, which have been on the rise lately in the Capital City.

In 2021, Trenton residents have reported 67 motor vehicles stolen, 53 of which were stolen with a key or key fob. Nearly 80 percent of the vehicle thefts in the city could have been prevented if the victims had not left their cars running while unattended. Some of these thefts happened after the victims left a key fob inside the vehicle for convenience.

While TPD has seen a decrease in auto theft in recent years, 2021 has seen a 63 percent increase so far compared to 2020.

TPD wants to remind everyone that it is illegal under state and local law to leave a motor vehicle running while unattended or with a key in the ignition. This rule does not apply to a remote start system that automatically disables the vehicle unless a key or key fob is used to start the vehicle. TPD has issued 172 summonses so far this year in the hopes that the public will understand the dangers of leaving their cars running while unattended. These stolen cars are often driven recklessly and many times are used in other crimes such as shootings or robberies.

Please do not start your car and leave it running unattended, even for a few seconds. The consequences could be disastrous. Anyone who has been a victim of a crime can call 609-989-4170.