Mayor Dave Fried Announces Run For Re-election, Seeks 5th Term In Office

April 30, 2021

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–Robbinsville Township Mayor Dave Fried announced this morning he will seek a 5th term in office as mayor. The announcement was posted via Facebook the entire post is below:

Mayor Dave Fried:

When the time came to decide whether or not to run for another term as your mayor after the year we just endured together, the real questions were:

How do we do better?

How can we be better?

How can I be better, both as your mayor and as a person?

What I’ve learned is those questions cannot be answered from the sidelines, at least not for me.

That is why I am once again running for mayor this November 2.

Calling the past 14 months an adventure would minimize the devastation and misery COVID-19 continues to leave in its wake, including the longer-term effects we are still unaware of. We need to underscore the miles upon miles we must still travel to end systemic racism, bigotry and violence toward all people of color, while bringing to justice each and every person who plots to harm or disrupt our democracy and one another – both at home and abroad.

Hanging up the cleats as mayor, while tempting with my children becoming independent young men and women of their own and the promise of more down time with my wife, Kathryn, was never really an option with the amount of work still left to be done.

Seeing this pandemic through and making sure our business community has the tools it needs to rebound and thrive still causes me sleepless nights. I am so very thankful for my staff, and the unwavering support of Township Council. None of what I accomplish could be possible without them.

Other major projects still on my radar is the construction of a new police station and Municipal Court. This will be a very large undertaking. We hope to make it the first joint court facility in Mercer County by partnering with a neighboring town, and I want to be here to see it through.

Saying I am excited about the potential and passive recreation possibilities at Miry Run is an understatement. The wheels have been in motion for months thanks to input we have received from residents, staff and our professionals. I also look forward to finishing Town Center South, where Freedom Village (Project Freedom) currently stands proudly as an anchor.

It has been the honor and a privilege to serve as your mayor, and I want nothing more than the opportunity to take on that challenge again if you, the residents, will have me.

Thank you for all of your support these many years. Every single time I have asked this community to step up, it has beyond my wildest expectations. This community drives the direction of our future. I am merely its temporary steward.

My staff exemplifies public service. They care about every facet of this Township, and I could not take on the challenge of running again without them at my side and giving me the energy to do more.

There are many things I could highlight, such as nine straight years of flat/reduced municipal taxes, or the best open space record in Mercer County. I could tout our public safety record, groundbreaking police training facility, our incredible diversity, investments in infrastructure, rising property values, or the approximately $350,000 we have generated in philanthropy through our “Pay it Forward” initiatives since 2015. Yet, what matters most of all is making sure you and your families are safe, happy and prosperous with opportunities to grow.

I am extremely proud of our history and that despite all of our differences, we always seem to find a way to come together for the common good. Thank you for always being there for one another. And for me.

See you at the polls on November 2, and may God Bless you all.