Possible Large Drug Bust In Hamilton Township, Mercer County, NJ

June 30, 2021

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)—MidJersey.News was made aware of a possible NJ State Police bust of a tractor trailer full of marijuana on the NJ Turnpike near the 6N Woodrow Wilson Service Area in Hamilton Township June 28, 2021. MidJersey.news checked both rest areas and the highway and found nothing, because allegedly the truck was already being towed to NJ State Police Headquarters in West Trenton for processing. Around dark the West Trenton Fire Company was dispatched to provide assistance to the NJ State Police for lighting at NJSP Headquarters. Once the fire company cleared the truck was driven to the Hamilton NJ State Police barracks to unload its contents to a secure site.

MidJersey.News was made aware and noticed that something was awry after returning from the situation that night on Rt. 130 and Broad Street. It was noticed that a tractor trailer with tow trucks and a NJ State Police escort was making a turn at Route 130 and Horizon Drive for Troop C headquarters. Parking across the street in an office complex from Troop C it was observed that a tractor trailer was being unloaded just before midnight on Monday June 28, 2021 and the product was taken inside with a fork lift and secured. We do not know the exact contents of the tractor trailer, but we believe it to me marijuana. By the size and how many pallets were removed from the back of the truck it is believed to be tons of pot, if that is what was in there.

MidJersey.news has reached out to NJ State Police on the afternoon of the 28, and on the afternoon of June 29 NJ State Police replied “We are in the process of working on a press release for this incident.  I’ll be sure to send it to you once it is complete.” When reached out again today June 30we received, “It is in the process but unfortunately I do not have a time frame for release.”

MidJersey.News has held the story for over 48 hours to allow NJSP and/or other agencies to complete and wrap up any investigations before making the public aware that something may have occurred.

This is all we know and that something did occur involving the NJ State Police and a tractor trailer full of product. Once MidJersey.News finds the out the complete details the story will be updated an any corrections made.