GRIDLOCK: Traffic Woes Continue From Six Flags Great Adventure Weekend Traffic In Jackson, Upper Freehold And Millstone

July 5, 2021

UPPER FREEHOLD, MILLSTONE, NJ (MONMOUTH)–JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ (OCEAN)–Another weekend another traffic jam at Six Flags Great Adventure on Route 537 in Jackson Township. The Jackson Township Police Department earlier today issued a “Traffic Advisory” for a high volume of traffic heading into Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor. Jackson Township Police closed jug handles at intersections/traffic lights to try and help keep the traffic flowing.

Google Traffic was showing backups on County Road 537 West Bound 2 miles from Holmson to Great Adventure Gate. County Route 537 East Bound backed up over 2 miles from past Hawkin Road to the Great Adventure Gate. Interstate I-195 East bound was backed up at times over 4 miles or 5 miles from the Great Adventure Gate.

Local roadways were also backed up as people tried to find other was into the park. Problems were reported on Emely’s Hill Road, Millers Mill Road, Pine Drive and others. Residents reported being blocked in their own driveways by the traffic and gridlock conditions.

NJ Department of Transportation 511NJ issued several Tweets today on Six Flags Great Adventure Traffic:

Facebook user Joline B. from Millstone wrote:

The Great Adventure traffic has bled over onto Pine Drive. Our driveways are blocked by cars, in gridlock, looking for a way to shortcut into GA. There is no shortcut through this neighborhood!!! No one answers the traffic line at the Jackson Sate Police location. We are all stuck at home. This is ridiculous. Great Adventure needs to fund/supply additional police so that this does NOT happen. Very frustrated and it is getting worse by the week.

Jackson Township Police Traffic Advisory for July 5, 2021:


Rt. 537/Monmouth Road is experiencing a high volume of traffic heading in to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor. Our Officers and NJSP are in the area monitoring the situation and also dealing with multiple minor motor vehicle accidents. We have just been advised that the majority of the traffic appears to be heading to Hurricane Harbor and as a result the water park has just reached its attendance capacity and it has been closed to further entry. As a result the traffic backup will likely get worse. Please use caution if you need to travel through the area.

June 6, 2021 article on Six Flags Great Adventure Traffic: Traffic Alert: Avoid 537 In Area Of Great Adventure Due To Traffic Jam; Jackson Police Issue Statement On Traffic