Trenton City Council Passes Cannabis Ordinance; Statement From Mayor Gusciora

August 19, 2021

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Mayor Gusciora Statement on City Council Passing Cannabis Ordinance:

We’re excited with City Council’s decision to pass the Cannabis Ordinance, particularly the amendments increasing the number of dispensaries to 10 and allowing businesses to operate in the downtown area, both of which were extremely important to this administration. These changes will increase opportunities for local Trenton cannabis businesses and attract crucial investment where it is needed the most.

But this success would not be possible without the extensive public input we received from our residents and the business partners eager to bring their expertise and employment opportunities to New Jersey’s Capital City. After two planning board meetings and two extensive City Council meetings – including the large turnout we saw just today – residents from across the city made their voices heard and demanded that our city government not allow this unique opportunity to pass us by.

While its final form will likely evolve as we continue to incorporate public feedback and ensure the cannabis industry benefits residents in all four wards, there is no doubt that this ordinance will pave the way for more jobs, revenue, and traffic to our local restaurants and shops. We thank the five councilmembers who voted today to put Trenton first.