TAXPAYER WASTE: Trenton Gets $1.8 Million Dollar “Bridge to Nowhere” But Can’t Get Pedestrian Overpass Built at Dangerous Intersection on Route 129

April 30, 2022 UPDATE here:

How many more must die or be seriously injured at this intersection before improvements are made?


November 12, 2021

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)—Another reported fatal pedestrian crash occurred at the intersection of Route 129 and County Road 650 commonly known as Lalor Street around 11:00 p.m. last night. The site is well known as one of the most dangerous intersections in Mercer County. There has been talk for years of building a pedestrian overpass to accommodate the elderly that live in the South Village I & II Apartments and for other residents to cross Route 129 and the River Line Railroad safely. The government’s answer was to hire a crossing guard to make the intersection safer because they did not have the money to put in an overpass. The intersection is so dangerous that even one of the crossing guards hire to make the crossing safer was struck and killed on April 18, 2016. Shortly after the crossing guard was killed in 2016 there was talk of finally constructing an overpass, but the project only gets so far due to estimated costs for the bridge.

Recently on October 19, 2021, Mercer County announced a $1.88 Million Dollar replacement of a “railroad bridge” carrying an “abandoned trail” over Parkside Avenue that goes virtually NOWHERE! There is no official rail trail, the area is full of crime, shootings, people drink, do drugs and throw things off that old abandoned “railroad bridge” The property is marked owned by CSX and “No Trespassing” signs are displayed. Plus, there is no hope to eventually hook to an old railroad right of way since a portion to the north was sold and approximately 20 houses were built on the old railroad bed going towards Ewing Township.

It is our opinion that yes, the old bridge was dangerous and should be removed but no money should have been used to replace a railroad bridge that will never be used for a railroad or even a future rail trail of any significance.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for residents in Trenton that cross Route 129 every day to provide them with save passage with a pedestrian overpass instead of blowing $1.8 MILLION in tax dollars on the “Bridge To Nowhere” ?

$1.88 Million Tax Dollars wasted in Mercer County when it could be used to help save lives by building a pedestrian overpass over Route 129 and the River Line and other much needed safety improvements to the roadway.