Special Needs Individuals Served by the Arc Mercer Give Back to Furry Friends

December 15, 2021

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Today members of the Arc Mercer donated over 50 toys to the Trenton Animal Shelter during a Meet and Greet event sponsored by Trenton Animals Rock and Trenton Cats Rescue.

Residents of Arc Mercer with developmental disabilities collected over 50 special dog toys from PetSmart to bring joy to the animals who helped them through the pandemic.

“During the worst of the pandemic, many individuals with special needs were not able to see friends or family due to COVID restrictions,” said Steven Cook, Executive Director of Arc Mercer. “Therapy and other trained dogs spent many hours in group homes providing crucial companionship to this vulnerable population. Their company brought us closer to the world again, we couldn’t have gotten through this without our four-legged friends.”

“It’s lonely in the group home sometimes when we can’t go out. I love it when Chico (a Golden Retriever) visits us, he’s always so happy,” said an Arc Mercer Resident (unnamed for privacy). “I can’t wait to give the doggies a gift from Santa so they have a bunch of fun, like we did when they visited us.”

Arc Mercer has provided support and services to over 1,000 individuals with special needs in the Greater Mercer County region and throughout the state for over the last 70 years.