Petition About Trenton Fire Department Patch Circulating Online Reaches 1,227 Signatures

Update as of Feburary 6, 2022, 1,227 have signed the petition.

February 3, 2022

You can view the petition here: Not to Change Trenton Fire Dept Patches

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–A petition about Trenton Fire Department’s new patch has been posted at has been circulating online and as of 10:00 p.m. gathered 799 signatures.

The petition reads:

We are urging the administration to reconsider changing our Fire Department patch and uniform colors. The iron fireman stands for the sacrifice we as Trenton firefighters’ are willing to make and stands tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We as the members of this department understand the risk and sacrifice we make on a continuous basis missing nights, weekends and holidays with our family. If there were to be a change to our patch and uniform it should be based on a majority vote of all members. From there every member who wishes to take part in the development of a new patch should have the opportunity. Without allowing the members to take part in this change is detrimental to the mission and morale of the Trenton Fire Department. The members of this Department are the ones wearing the patch and uniform every shift and our input should be a part of this decision.

The Iron Fireman statue stands tall outside city hall, wearing the department’s 19th century uniform and holding a baby in his left arm. Below him, the base of the statue lists the names of men who died between 1883 and 2009. After Woods and fellow firefighter Robert Mizopalko died in August 1986 battling a three-alarm blaze at the city bar Shenanigans Saloon, their names were added to the base of the city’s Iron Fireman statue, which was built in 1892 and stood outside city hall since 1910. Our great Mayor Reed Gusciora added, “This Iron Fireman is important because it memorializes those men and women who gave their lives, and all those who keep our homes a little bit safer at night.” Please I ask to just listen to us firefighters who make the ultimate sacrifice everyday to not change our patch at-least hear us out and give us a option. This to us is a big decision. Please do what’s right and help me and my brothers and sisters on this department spread by sharing this and sign our petition just to show who stands behind us on this decision, help us keep our history in our great City of Trenton.