Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora Calls for Release of Video in Police Shooting

Asks state investigators to make public all body-worn, dashboard, and surveillance cameras

March 21, 2022

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Mayor W. Reed Gusciora today called for the full release of all video footage related to the February police shooting of Jajuan Henderson.

“We stand ready to take action when, procedurally, we have a full understanding of the situation,” Gusciora said. “Today, we are voicing our support for the full public release of any body-camera footage of the incident once the investigation is completed. That includes all body-worn cameras, police dashboard cameras, and surveillance cameras, which should be made public as soon as possible.”

In 2021, the state Attorney General’s Office issued a standing directive requiring video be released once the investigation is “substantially” complete. As per legal procedure, the four Trenton police officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave while the incident is under investigation.

The Attorney General’s Office investigation is being conducted by the Union County Prosecutors Office, not the Mercer County Prosecutors Office, to avoid any appearance of or actual conflict.

“We as a community need to know the truth about this incident,” Gusciora said, “but we have been examining and adjusting the way we provide public safety and law enforcement in this city since the day I took office.”

Police Director Steve Wilson, who was hired in June 2021, has been working alongside Gusciora to reform and improve police activity. Wilson formed a task force to combat violence in the city; met with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to discuss charging gun offenders with federal crimes; and brought in a grant to establish a team of outreach workers to intervene in neighborhood conflicts, prevent retaliation, and provide victim services.

“Our first and last thoughts should be of the residents we are sworn to protect,” Wilson said. “We are using every tool available to us to reshape the tactics and strategies of the Trenton Police Department.”

During his administration, Gusciora has called for the release of police disciplinary information and integrated state training for de-escalation efforts to help take suspects into custody without anyone being harmed.

“Our approach to public safety must address all of the contributing factors that lead to criminal activity, in addition to police reforms,” Gusciora said. “It takes improvements to our schools, fighting blight in our neighborhoods, and creating job opportunities for our residents. This is a ground-up approach.”