Flyers For Another “Pop-Up Party” Called “Beach Linkup Part 2” Circulating On Social Media

May 23, 2022

LONG BRANCH, NJ (MONMOUTH)–An Instagram accounts named @sosactivated and @percc30_dickk have posted flyers for Beach Linkup Part 2 to be held in Long Branch on Sunday June 19, 2022. This past weekend a Beach Linkup was held where 11 adults and 4 juveniles were arrested causing a public safety emergency and a curfew to be ordered in Long Branch at 9:00 p.m.

A large-scale gathering encouraged by a flyer posted on social media caused thousands of people to arrive in the town of Long Branch, specifically, areas in and around Pier Village. The majority of those people arrived by train. At certain points the crowd was estimated to be several thousand people. A public safety emergency ensued as a result of multiple fights breaking out throughout parts of the city involving the partygoers.

Similar flyers for a similar event called Beach Linkup Part 2 are circulating on Social Media.

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Below current flyers for Beach Linkup Part 2 as currently circulating on Social Media: