Male Killed In Early Morning Shooting In Trenton

Update here:

September 11, 2022

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–According to Trenton Public Information Officer, Timothy J. Carroll, Trenton Police responded to a Shotspotter activation early this morning reporting 6 rounds fired as well as one phone call coming from the area near the intersection of Garfield and Farragut Avenues. Police responded to find a male victim with a gunshot wound to his chest. Trenton EMS, Trenton Fire Department and Captial Health Paramedics responded to the scene. The victim was pronounced at 5:35 a.m.

MidJersey.News has reached out for comment from the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office for additional information. Please check back when further information becomes available.

There have been fourteen reported homicides in the City of Trenton in 2022. After a relatively quiet summer this is the second homicide since the mayor made an announcement at the end of August that mentioned three months without a homicide in the City of Trenton.

Last year at this same time there were 22 homicides in the City of Trenton as of September 11, 2021. This year there have 14 homicides. There is still much work to be done but Trenton seems to be moving in the right direction with a 36% reduction in homicides for 2022.

Names of the 2022 homicide victims in the City of Trenton:

  1. 2/15/2022 Antwone Barnes, 37, of Trenton, Stabbing
  2. 2/23/2022 Leonardo Fernandez, 32, of Trenton, Stabbing
  3. 3/01/2022 Shimon Nesmith Jr., 19, of Trenton, Shooting
  4. 3/03/2022 Helen Nelson, 73, of Trenton, Physical Assault
  5. 3/15/2022 Albert L. Barnes, 46, of Trenton, Shooting
  6. 3/25/2022 Sequoya Bacon-Jones, 9, of Trenton, Shooting
  7. 3/31/2022 Tahaad Goss, 16, of Trenton, Shooting
  8. 4/07/2022 Jaquir Queen, 26, of Willingboro, Shooting
  9. 4/09/2022 Leroy Davis, 31, of Trenton, Shooting
  10. 5/01/2022 Jamir McNeil, 25 of Trenton, Shooting
  11. 5/22/2022 Ali Abdullah, 25, of Trenton, Shooting
  12. 6/01/2022 Dreiby Osorio, 16, of Trenton, Stabbing
  13. 9/02/2022 Rasheed Barlow, 35, of Trenton, Shooting
  14. 9/11/2022 Chron Jenks, 34, of Ewing, Shooting