Trenton Cycling Revolution Rides for Safe Roads

September 23, 2022

By: Trenton Cycling Revolution

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–A couple of weeks ago, Trenton Cycling Revolution members & friends did a ride to honor and remember people who have been killed or seriously injured walking/biking in the City. 

Along the ride, we put up a ghost bike in honor of Thaddeus Peterson, a U.S. Marine veteran and lifelong Trentonian, who was killed riding his bike on North Olden Avenue. 

We then visited the most dangerous intersections in the country, Route 129 & Lalor Street. There we had a moment of silence and put up a memorial for the many people who have been killed on this state road including Imaya Moreland (age 3), Billy Roy Ouch (22), Antonio Wiley (56), Karen Beauchamps (50), Andrew Majofsky (36), Abraham Lopez (49), and Celso Rivera (35). 

While the recent announcement about addressing the signal times was an encouraging one, it will do nothing without actual infrastructure change. We want to see an actual plan to change the design of this roadway without forcing people walking and biking to climb an overpass every time they want to visit a neighbor, access the light rail, or do their groceries. We want to see actual change that will slow the many vehicles and trucks coming into the City right off the interstate and put people’s lives and wellbeing as a priority rather than throughput and traffic. 

We’re waiting to hear from NJDOT and our elected officials what the next steps are. Residents have been calling for changes to 129 since 1994. Enough is enough, a single death or serious injury is too many.