Group Surrounds And Assaults Police Officers In Trenton, NJ; Two Officers Injured

October 8, 2022

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Trenton Public Information Officer Timothy J. Carroll stated that at 5:39 p.m. the Trenton Police Department Street Crimes Unit responded to a motor vehicle violation at Oakland Street and Hoffman Avenue, a bystander got involved and interfered with police officers. When officers attempted to take him into custody, a group surrounded the officers, and two officers were injured and were treated at Robert Wood Hospital. Two males are under arrest for aggravated assault on law enforcement officers and another is pending arrest after they find out who threw the bottle at the officer. 

Trenton Police Director Steve Wilson stated that violence against our citizens or police officers will not be tolerated. Be sure, our team is tracking down all responsible parties and will be bringing them to justice. This community is fed up with the cowardly actions of the few and is working with law enforcement to identify the perpetrators of violence. If anyone has information regarding crime, please reach out confidentially to (609) 989-3663 or email

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