Day: October 9, 2022

Shooting Homicide Under Investigation In Trenton, NJ


City of Trenton, Public Information Officer, Timothy J. Carroll told MidJersey.News that Trenton Police received a Shot spotter activation 3:11 p.m. near 51-53 Ewing Street indicating 17 rounds fired. Police arrived on scene to discover a male shot several times at Cross St and Kersey Alley. CPR was conducted until the ambulance arrived and transported male to the hospital. The victim was pronounced at 3:43 p.m.

Earlier breaking news story below:

October 9, 2022

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Trenton Police, Trenton Fire Department, TEMS and Captial Health Paramedics were detailed to Cross Street and Ewing Street in the area of the Rescue Mission for a shooting around 3:20 p.m. Trenton Fire Department Engine 10 found a shooting victim and started CPR and asked for TEMS to “step it up” The person was transported by TEMS and Captial Health Paramedics to the Trauma Center at Captial Health Regional Medical Center at 3:29 p.m. in “Traumatic Arrest” It was also reported that the person was shot in the back.

Trenton Shooting Response Team and Mercer County Homicide Task Force is investigating the shooting.

Photos by: Brian McCarthy

This is the 16th reported homicide for the City of Trenton in 2022.

The cause and manner of death for Daniels is still pending according to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. No cause of death released surrounding the “suspicious death” of Corrine Daniels, 41, of Park Avenue once determination is made the list will be updated.

Names of the 2022 homicide victims in the City of Trenton:

  1. 2/15/2022 Antwone Barnes, 37, of Trenton, Stabbing
  2. 2/23/2022 Leonardo Fernandez, 32, of Trenton, Stabbing
  3. 3/01/2022 Shimon Nesmith Jr., 19, of Trenton, Shooting
  4. 3/03/2022 Helen Nelson, 73, of Trenton, Physical Assault
  5. 3/15/2022 Albert L. Barnes, 46, of Trenton, Shooting
  6. 3/25/2022 Sequoya Bacon-Jones, 9, of Trenton, Shooting
  7. 3/31/2022 Tahaad Goss, 16, of Trenton, Shooting
  8. 4/07/2022 Jaquir Queen, 26, of Willingboro, Shooting
  9. 4/09/2022 Leroy Davis, 31, of Trenton, Shooting
  10. 5/01/2022 Jamir McNeil, 25 of Trenton, Shooting
  11. 5/22/2022 Ali Abdullah, 25, of Trenton, Shooting
  12. 6/01/2022 Dreiby Osorio, 16, of Trenton, Stabbing
  13. 9/02/2022 Rasheed Barlow, 35, of Trenton, Shooting
  14. 9/11/2022 Chron Jenks, 34, of Ewing, Shooting
  15. 9/20/2022 Keenan Anthony Trower, 31, of Hamilton Shooting
  16. 10/09/2022 Daquan Brown, 33, of Trenton, Shooting

17. ** Cause of “Suspicious death” for Corrine Daniels, 41, of Park Avenue in Trenton has not been released yet from MCPO ** Once official determination is made the list will be updated.